Discovering Port Meadow for the first time

Discovering Port Meadow for the first time

I’m conscious of the fact that there is so much of Oxfordshire that we haven’t explored.  I think, like most people we tend to have our adventures away from home.  Often ignoring what’s on our doorstep.  This became glaringly apparent following a recent review trip to The Perch on the outskirts of Oxford a few weeks ago.  The pub restaurant had a pathway leading out from its garden and we wanted to see where it led. All three of us just went Wow! Discovering Port Meadow for the first time was such a delight.

Discovering Port Meadow for the first time

Over the years I’ve heard mention of Port Meadow and I’ve even been guilty of driving past on my way to The Trout in Wolvercote for lunch a number of times.  But never have I actually stopped, and admired it in all its glory. What a mistake.

We’d enjoyed a hearty Sunday lunch and really needed to walk it off on a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon.  On leaving The Perch we were faced with the River Thames and 440 acres of Port Meadow that spread out before us.  It really was a delight.  Which way to turn?  We decided to head away from the city of Oxford and towards Wolvercote and explore.

Discovering Port Meadow for the first time

Looking across the river we could see horses and cows merrily grazing.  It was all so unexpected.

Discovering Port Meadow for the first time

The area is so tranquil, and it was hard to believe that we were only a 5 minute drive from the city centre of Oxford.

Discovering Port Meadow for the first time

Discovering Port Meadow for the first time was a joy.  We spent ages just looking over at the animals, it was such a pleasant way to spend the afternoon.

Every so often we’d see one of the horses or cows go for a paddle and a drink, much to Monkey’s delight.

Discovering Port Meadow for the first time

Of course no walk with Monkey could possibly be complete without a stick and he was soon to be found brandishing one.  This way!

Discovering Port Meadow for the first time

The pathway follows the river as it meanders along, sometimes close by and sometimes through the trees.  It was perfect for exploring and dragging Daddy P along, with the occasional stop for a little covert digging!

We weren’t the only ones enjoying the sunshine at Port Meadow, along with the horses and cows, we spotted ducks, geese and a whole host of swans.

If I’d been prepared I’d have bought some pots with us as so many people were out blackberry picking.  We made do with a few tasting stops along the way instead.

Discovering Port Meadow for the first time

It looked as if others have enjoyed camp fire dinners too. We stopped to remember our own fire making adventures at Conkers some time back.

Discovering Port Meadow for the first time

In fact on discovering Port Meadow for the first time, we soon realised that it was the perfect place to just stop and watch the world go by.

Discovering Port Meadow for the first time

To enjoy the nature all around us.

We even got to look at little fishes swimming along at the water’s edge.

Discovering Port Meadow for the first time

All this, whilst enjoying looking at others messing about on the river.

Discovering Port Meadow for the first time really was a great surprise.  We’ve since been told of a car park close to Wolvercote and will be returning to walk along the river and explore Port Meadow in more detail.  We will return!

What delights have you discovered recently?  Pin this one for later?

Discovering Port Meadow for the first time

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21 thoughts on “Discovering Port Meadow for the first time

  1. I love Port Meadow too! Although don’t make the mistake of walking on the cow side of the river 🙂 We walked from Oxford along the river to Eynsham in the summer, it’s amazing how quiet the river gets once you’re away from Oxford (well, The Trout). #countrykids

  2. Sounds like the perfect after lunch walk. I’ve driven passed it too and thought it looked beautiful and tranquil. Good job there were sticks. What kind of walk would it be without at least one stick? #CountryKids

  3. This looks lovely, so tranquil, to think it’s just nearby. We’re the same. There are nearby beaches our friends have mentioned to us, which we haven’t explored yet. To be fair, these are tidal beaches and a bit of a hike to get to, so it takes a bit of planning, hopefully we’ll get there 😉 #countrykids

  4. I think a lot of people don’t realise what’s on their doorstep. It’s great to go out and explore new areas and sometimes those we enjoy most are found by accident.

    My boys can’t go out for a walk without finding a stick and usually have a context to see who can get the biggest!


  5. Aren’t these just the best days? I too have been discovering some local treasures recently, and it really is amazing what can be found on our doorsteps if only we look! This looks like a really beautiful place to spend a relaxing afternoon. #CountryKids

  6. I lived in Oxford for 3.5years and used to be in Wolvercote for squash team members/dinners quite a lot, but haven’t walked Port Meadow, just had a brief nosy. It looks lovely, like something out of a Constable painting.

  7. Oxford is such a lovely city and what a hidden countryside gem right on the doorstep! It does remind me of the scenery where I grew up which was close by, yet I don’t ever remember walking here. I love how the river is a natural bath and drinking place for the animals. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cow enjoying a paddle like that before!

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  8. What a fantastic discovery. My mate moved to Oxford because she said it was so easy to get to both the countryside and the city. You will have to go back with your pots #countrykids

  9. It’s my mission to visit more local places as we live in a thriving tourist area because many places are used for film locations.

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