Dinosaur hunting in Cambridge

Dinosaur hunting in Cambridge #CountryKids

You may recall that Monkey and I visited Cambridge at the start of the school holidays. The trip didn’t go quite to plan as Monkey’s eardrum decided to perforate whilst we were there, cutting our trip short.  But we did manage to have some fun and we did go Dinosaur hunting in Cambridge too.

I hadn’t been to Cambridge in years but remember it being a bit like Oxford but with less traffic and easy to walk around.  So once we’d checked into our room and looked at the map we headed into the city.

Dinosaur hunting in Cambridge

I knew Monkey wasn’t 100 percent as he was a little less enthusiast about exploring somewhere new, than he’d normally be.  But I hoped the incentive of dinosaur hunting in Cambridge at the end of the walk would perk him up a bit. We’d normally have spent ages wandering around, but I knew he wasn’t up for that.  So we headed down to the river to watch some punting.

Monkey was fascinated, and stood on a bridge for ages watching the punts go by.  Mummy I want to go on one of those!  Really? Are you sure? Yes, ok, we can do that.  Let’s have some lunch first and then we’ll find where they leave from.  Now you all know that I’m not the biggest fan of water, but I was willing to leave my fears on the bridge and try something new as Monkey was so insistent.

We found a nice spot for our picnic and watched the world go by enjoying the sunshine and watching hoards of foreign students going on walking tours.

Monkey was still adamant about punting so we walked along close to the river until we found where one of the tour companies was based.  We stood on the bridge so Monkey could see how people got onto the punts and that we’d be part of a group.

Dinosaur hunting in Cambridge

Yes, I still want to go Mummy!  He was so insistent, what could possibly go wrong?  Ok, let’s do the trip now and then we can go dinosaur hunting afterwards.  So I paid for our tickets and we waited to join the next punt leaving.

Dinosaur hunting in Cambridge

All was going well, our punt arrived and we followed people onto it.  We even got to sit down, but then reality hit, I think the sides of the punt was actually much closer to the water than Monkey had expected.  In a split second he’d gone from being very excited to a screaming banshee.  Get me off!!! Get me off!! The punter was lovely, and tried so hard to reassure Monkey that he would be ok and the punt was safe, but no, his ears were closed, he wanted off.  I’m sure everyone around was thinking I was the worst mother ever for dragging her son on a punt.  I wasn’t, it was him that wanted to go on it! Oh well, refund obtain, child calmed down and off we set again, going dinosaur hunting in Cambridge.

We headed to the Sedgewick Museum in Downing Street, I knew that their exhibits would cheer Monkey up.

Dinosaur hunting in Cambridge

The museum is free to enter and full of fascinating artifacts.  It’s worth noting that the museum is closed on Sundays and between 1-2pm the rest of the week.  There was a rather handsome beast waiting to great us as we entered.

Dinosaur hunting in Cambridge

Once inside Monkey was off exploring, anyone who likes fossils is going to love this museum.

Dinosaur hunting in Cambridge

It’s fairly small, and all on one floor.  Dinosaur hunting in Cambridge can be lots of fun.

There’s also a little gem within the Sedgewick Museum, a storybook area, complete with mini library and seats.  We took the opportunity to have a break, surrounded by all sorts of skeletons and fossils, to just sit and read.  It really was the perfect way to spend an afternoon with a Monkey who wasn’t feeling his best.  We’d still had lots of fresh air, and gone for a walk as well as going on a dinosaur hunt.  We didn’t get to go punting, and there was lots of the city still left to be explored.  But, I always like an excuse to return to places.

Where should we visit when we go back to Cambridge in the future?

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9 thoughts on “Dinosaur hunting in Cambridge #CountryKids

  1. It looks like you made the most of the trip to Cambridge with a poorly monkey, he looks like he’s enjoying exploring the sights of Cambridge. It’s such a shame Monkey got scared at the final hurdle with the punts, sometimes you just don’t know how they’re going to react until the situation is upon you. I’m sure in time Monkey will love to go punting in Cambridge. The Sedgewick Museum looks like a great place to explore for any mini dinosaur enthusiasts. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

  2. At some point we’re going to visit Cambridge with the kids as my husband went there plus we have friends nearby. Great to know about this museum when we do visit!

  3. I had a friend at university there so it’s been many years since I last went (and I probably couldn’t tell you much about what I saw if I’m honest..). I’d like to return one day. Poor Monkey, he wasn’t at his best at all bless him but I’m glad you still found time for some fun x

  4. I’m sure I’ve visited Cambridge before but I don’t remember anything about it which is pretty rubbish. Should really get over there again soon.

  5. Good for Monkey for being brave enough to think he wanted to try punting is all I can say. He got further than I think I would have.

  6. I’ve been thinking for a while that we should go to Cambridge for the weekend and I’m right! It looks like a great place to explore and the museum would be right up my monkey’s street. I applaud you both for trying the punting – at least Monkey gave it a good go before changing his mind .#countrykids

  7. Oh, I haven’t been to Cambridge for years, love it there! Sorry the punting wasn’t a success, but glad that the dinosaurs were x #countrykids

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