Discovering BRICKOSAURS at Marwell Zoo

Discovering BRICKOSAURS at Marwell Zoo – AD invited to review

I can’t think of a more perfect day out for us than one that involves, fresh air, animals and Lego.  We spent Tuesday discovering BRICKOSAURS at Marwell Zoo in Hampshire and even a slightly drizzly day couldn’t dampen our spirits.

Discovering BRICKOSAURS at Marwell Zoo

We really enjoy visits to Marwell Zoo, it’s very walkable with good viewing areas for the animals and a zoo where you can see everything in one full day out.  So we headed off down the A34 bright and early so we could make the most of time discovering BRICKOSAURS at Marwell Zoo, and were parked up and ready to start our day just as the gates opened at 10am.

We’ve seen the Great Brick Safari before, but BRICKOSAURS is a brand new Lego based trail which is running at Marwell Zoo from now until 1st September.  There are currently sixteen different Lego dinosaur features to find across the zoo with a further five arriving on 19th July (looks like we already have an excuse for a return visit).  As you enter the zoo you are handed a BRICKOSAURS trail map which shows you roughly where you need to look for each dinosaur, and on the reverse of the map there’s a tick sheet so you can keep track of your discoveries.  You can also enter a competition to win a Family Tour by guessing how many Lego bricks were used to construct the T-Rex. It’s also possible to use the free Marwell Zoo App.

Discovering BRICKOSAURS at Marwell Zoo

At the very start of the trail there’s a dinosaur captured in a crate.  He was quite vocal about his displeasure.  It made me realise how much my nine-year old son has grown up over the years.  A few years ago he’d have been rather scared by the noise (there are warning signs in case you have children that are sensitive to noise) but now it doesn’t phase him at all.

It really doesn’t matter which order you spot the dinosaurs in, which makes it the perfect trail for us.  My son always has a very specific list of animals he must see at Marwell Zoo and the order, but we still got to find them all in the end.

Each BRICKOSAURS feature, big or small is so full of detail, you can’t help but be impressed.  There’s also an information board for each of the animals giving you an idea of the time taken to build them and the number of bricks used.

As well as the trail itself there’s also a missing dinosaur to be found – Colin has disappeared, can you find him?

The rather fabulous T-Rex is quite a big draw when discovering BRICKOSAURS at Marwell Zoo. He’s certainly rather impressive as he stands eight metres tall.

Discovering BRICKOSAURS at Marwell Zoo

If you head to Base Camp there are more free activities to enjoy.

Discovering BRICKOSAURS at Marwell Zoo

There’s a large Duplo pit as well as a Lego pit where kids can build to their heart’s content.  A great idea if your party consists of different aged children.  You can also enjoy a meet and greet with ‘Bruce’ a BRICKOSAURS keeper who brings some of the dinosaur characters to life and opportunities to see Spike the new Stegosaurus mascot.  I’m not sure if these were timed appearances but we missed them.  You can also have your photo taken in this Megalosaurus head and there are limited edition brick dinosaur and wild animal sets to purchase for £8.99 per kit.

Discovering BRICKOSAURS at Marwell Zoo

We did also spot a face painting tent which is running during weekends and school holidays (subject to availability).  The creations looked great, but my son still won’t have anything on his face unfortunately.

We both enjoyed spending time discovering BRICKOSAURS at Marwell Zoo, the trail and activities are a nice addition and something to add extra interest to the day out.  For us though the animals in the zoo itself are still the stars of the show.

My son adores giraffes, so he made sure he was right at the front for the Giraffe talk, it doesn’t matter how many times he goes, he’s always glued to the spot.

Whilst the Amur Jaguar wasn’t as accommodating as on previous visits, I still got my big cat fix with the wonderful Cheetahs, Amur Tigers and Snow Leopards.

We’ve used the free land train before to revisit parts of the zoo at different times in the day, but as most of our visits have been out of season we’ve not got to ride behind the real train before.  My son was thrilled to discover it was running when we visited, there is a £2.50 charge per person (under 3’s go free) but you do get a different view of the zoo.  If we weren’t riding on the train, my son was videoing it as it went past.  Yes he is obsessed by trains.

A visit to the Tropical House is a must, there are a lot of interactive displays for children to enjoy and we even got to see a sloth hiding in the trees. Leaf cutter ants are always a hit with my son and we spent ages watching them cutting leaves and transporting them back to their colony.

Another highlight of this particular visit to Marwell Zoo was the Red Pandas.  They’ve moved to a new area and were totally playing up to the audience when we were there.  Beautiful animals.

We had a full day out discovering BRICKOSAURS at Marwell Zoo, and enjoying all the animals that live at the zoo.  We look forward to coming back again soon to explore some more.  Are you planning on visiting the BRICKOSAURS?

Discovering BRICKOSAURS at Marwell Zoo

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disclosure: we were given complimentary tickets in exchange for an honest review

8 thoughts on “Discovering BRICKOSAURS at Marwell Zoo – AD invited to review

  1. It’s been a long time since I last visited Marwell Zoo. The red pandas were always my favourite animals there when I was a child. Love those Brickosaurs and the informative boards for each of them look nice and detailed too. Having a trail to follow and things to find is always good fun. That T-Rex is very impressive. Will have to try and go with the children while the Brickosaur trail is still on as Sophie would love this (and seeing the animals). Looks like you had a lovely day out. Thank you for sharing it with #CountryKids

  2. I haven’t been to Marwell in years. It looks better than ever with the Brickasaurus event going on. My goodness those Lego statues are huge! As always your photos of the big cats are amazing and I do like the new Red Pandas. All worth getting up early for! #CoutnryKids

  3. Middle man would love this with the Lego. I used to go to Marwell as a child and have lovely memories of it. Really should take the boys sometime #Countrykids

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