Easter at Lanhydrock

Easter at Lanhydrock

I can’t quite believe it’s almost a year since we were last in Cornwall, and Monkey’s first visit to this wonderful corner of England.  We were staying at Coombe Mill with Iona and the Redpeffer gang and I’d heard so many lovely reports about a certain National Trust property that I knew we had to visit during our stay.  It was time to have some fun, Easter at Lanhydrock was on the cards and we arrived bright and early to make the most of seeing the extensive grounds.

Easter at Lanhydrock

Lanhydrock is a National Trust property close to the North Cornwall town of Bodmin.  It has an extensive car park, and 6 different cycle trails which can be enjoyed along with a country house, formal and informal grounds.

Map of Lanhydrock

Iona and family were keen to get back on the cycle tracks, but with a very reluctant peddler in Monkey, I knew we’d be better off exploring on foot. We weren’t to be disappointed. There’s a large cafe and playground as you enter Lanhydrock.  You can also hire bicycles at this point too.

Easter at Lanhydrock

After a quick cuppa we decided to head towards the main house. Youngsters might find the walk a little tiring but we’ve got a good walker on our hands and armed with a map he’s always happy to go for a wander and keep Mum and Dad on the right path.

Easter at Lanhydrock

Lanhydrock House is a marvel and a real treat. It’s a truly beautiful Victorian Country House, with a dramatic entrance the house was refurbished following a great fire and brought right up to date with modern kitchens, a stunning library and even central heating.

Lanhydrock House

It’s very child friendly, with areas where children can try on different things, touch exhibits and generally get a good feel of how the house would once have been. We were all really impressed with it, there’s a lot to see and take in and it’s a great place to explore.

Monkey was in his element trying hats on, learning to use a typewriter and experience Victorian schooling.

There was an Easter Egg trail for children to do, but Monkey wasn’t that fussed and was happy to work through a trail around the house instead. Once you leave the house there are some garages to explore with different carriages to marvel at. We particularly enjoyed looking at the fire engines.

Easter at Lanhydrock

Behind the house we found a small cafe which makes a good lunch stop. We took our fill of freshly made sandwiches, met up with our Redpeffer friends and continued our exploration.  There are formal grounds around the house, a church to visit and then informal gardens as far as the eye can see.

The children were in their element playing hide and seek and enjoying Easter at Lanhydrock.

I got to admire the great house from all directions and to marvel at the flowers already in bloom.

Easter at Lanhydrock showed us an array of colours and a hint of how the gardens would look in their summer glory.

We spent all day at Lanhydrock but I still feel we didn’t see it all. The grounds really are extensive and I know we will be back when we visit Cornwall in August this year.

If you get the chance to explore Lanhydrock then I really would, it’s rather marvellous.

Easter at Lanhydrock




17 thoughts on “Easter at Lanhydrock

  1. I love exploring Lanhydrock with my lot, we must have been more times than I can count and we’re still discovering new things each time we go. Monkey looks like he’s having a great time exploring with you and showing you which way you needed to go and explore next, and it’s always fab that there’s so much space to explore at your own pace. I look forward to reading about what you discover next time you visit Lanhydrock. Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  2. Wow. Lanhydrock is also our go-to-place, especially when we have visitors, it’s so near where we live too. It’s lovely especially in the spring with all it’s flowers in bloom. Love the bluebells. They also have lovely Christmas activities as well. Haven’t been there in awhile, but must go soon! 🙂 x #countrykids

  3. I think I need to re-institute the tradition of a kettle warming by the fire. It looks quite cozy! #whatevertheweather

  4. It looks like a fantastic place to explore, whether on foot or cycling. Great to visit with some friends too, always fun when the kids have others to race about with too. The gardens look gorgeous and well worth a visit on their own, a great map for exploration. Love the photos of Monkey playing with all the items inside, my boys like to do that too. Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

  5. We went to Lanhydrock last week! Oddly I was going to write about it for this weeks #whatevertheweather so it was a shock to see your adventure. It’s such a beautiful place isn’t it! I really want to go back and hire some bikes but it was bitterly cold when we went. I haven’t been since I was small and I couldn’t get over how vast the interior was and how much there was to see. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure with #whatevertheweather xx

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