Eating in good company

Eating in good company

Eating in Good Company You may remember that I went away a couple of weeks ago, my first time away from Monkey overnight in 2 and half years.  I spent a wonderful 24 hours with a great group of friends and it was wonderful to be eating in good company.  We’d had lots of snacks to keep us going in the afternoon on the Saturday, and then we had a great selection of Pizza’s delivered by Domino’s for dinner. some of our group are Vegetarians we had a mixed selection of medium pizzas – Veggie Supreme, Cheese & Tomato, The Carolina and Pepperoni Passion.

I, of course, am a bit of a piglet when it comes to pizza, and I had to test each variety.  The topping were plentiful and I really liked the The Carolina – chicken strips with BBQ sauce (which wasn’t overpowering), smoked bacon, onions, tomatoes and drizzled with mustard mayo – yummy!  The other pizzas were just as good as our local deliveries.  I do like consistency.

For pudding!!  we had Chocolate Twisted Dough Balls – they didn’t touch the sides.  Eating in good company was great fun and we all enjoyed our evening meal.

Eating in good companyWe spent hours chatting and laughing and finally went to bed in the small hours.  You’d think we’d make the most of a child free morning and have a lie in wouldn’t you.  But no, we are all so used to that early morning wake up call, we were up bright and early on Sunday morning.

I can’t actually remember the last time I had a good fry up for breakfast, something I do love, especially on a cold winter’s day.  So I was rather pleased to hear that we were heading to Frankie & Benny’s for breakfast.  In fact this was to be my first visit to Frankie & Benny’s and I would be eating in good company again – what more could I ask for.

Eating in Good CompanyWhen we arrived our waiter quickly rearranged some tables so we could all sit together which was great.  There was plenty of choice on the menu for Veggie and confirmed Carnivores alike.  There was only one choice for me – The Big Breakfast with a cup of tea!

Eating in good company Eating in good company

For £5.00 I was very happy with my breakfast, and with the free tea refills.  In fact the Big Breakfast kept me full all day – so was certainly worth the money for me. Eating in good company was the perfect way to end the weekend with a great group of friends.

Thank you to Domino’s and Frankie & Benny’s for providing us with our dinner and breakfast, I’m quite glad I didn’t have to sing for my supper!



7 thoughts on “Eating in good company

  1. Not sure I could say I was up bright and breezy at 7am that Sunday morning, but it was a lovely night and morning. Very spoiled.

  2. Yum, we’re ordering Dominos this Friday for Z and his friend and I’m getting those chocolate dough twist things as they look delicious!

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