Enjoying Waddesdon Imaginarium on New Years Eve

Enjoying Waddesdon Imaginarium on New Years Eve

Waddesdon Manor has been a regular haunt since we first joined the National Trust when my son was really small.  We live fairly close by and are often to be found enjoying the grounds and admiring the beautiful exterior of the house.  We’d had such a manic build up to Christmas, that for the first time in a number of years, we hadn’t visited the Christmas Markets or seen the light display.  I was beginning to think we’d not get there at all over the festive period, when a brain wave struck.  Why not spend time enjoying Waddesdon Imaginarium on New Years Eve?

Enjoying Waddesdon Imaginarium on New Years Eve

With it being a Sunday it meant that Daddy P would be home and as we aren’t big party goers these days, we thought it would be a different way to start the celebrations.  As well as being something our eight year old would enjoy.

We wrapped up warm and headed over to Waddesdon Manor later than in previous years as we were specifically going just for the light display this time around.  I’d also seen on their Facebook page that they’d had an issue with a power cut and that the Stables complex wouldn’t be open that evening.  We arrived about 4pm and the car park was quite full, but it was certainly easier to park than in previous years.  We’re National Trust members and the light show at Waddesdon Manor is included in your entry.  Every year the light show offers something different.  The queue for the bus was minimal and we were soon whisked away to spend time enjoying Waddesdon Imaginarium on New Years Eve.

As soon as the bus dropped us off at the end of the drive I knew we were going to enjoy the light show.

Enjoying Waddesdon Imaginarium on New Years Eve

Even without it being full dark yet, it all looked rather magical.  Waddesdon Manor looks rather like a fairytale French Chateau in daylight, but as the sunset and the lights went up it took it to a whole new place.

We knew we’d get the best experience looking at the light projection when it was properly dark, so we headed off round the grounds to the side of the house, and walked around the path towards the Aviary.

Enjoying Waddesdon Imaginarium on New Years Eve

It gave us a chance to see the carriage which we normally only see in daylight and to discover a rather lovely dragon.

Enjoying Waddesdon Imaginarium on New Years Eve

My son was totally captivated by him and spent ages trying to take selfies with it with his new camera.  You had to be there to see how funny that was.

Enjoying Waddesdon Imaginarium on New Years Eve

The emphasis on this show was most definitely on the main house illuminations rather than a light trail around the grounds that we’ve followed in previous years.  But for us, living close by, I think we preferred it.

There were a few lights by the Aviary, and the building itself is beautifully ornate.

We wandered back towards the house and with the moon coming through the clouds it really was like something straight out of a story book.

Enjoying Waddesdon Imaginarium on New Years Eve

As we knew the Stables were open and a hot chocolate was most certainly called for, we opted to walk around to the back of the house to grab a drink from the kiosk, and enjoyed the mistletoes light as we passed by.

Enjoying Waddesdon Imaginarium on New Years Eve

The lights are always too enticing for my son.

Enjoying Waddesdon Imaginarium on New Years Eve

The back of the manor house certainly wasn’t going to be left in the shade.

Enjoying Waddesdon Imaginarium on New Years Eve

The hot chocolate warmed us up and we were soon ready for the main event.  Enjoying Waddesdon Imaginarium on New Years Eve would see us standing in front of the manor enjoying the light show which ran on a 15 minute loop, accompanied by music.

Enjoying Waddesdon Imaginarium on New Years Eve

It really was beautiful.

Enjoying Waddesdon Imaginarium on New Years Eve

We saw Christmas scenes, snowflakes falling, pieces of Waddesdon porcelain flying across the facade, cuckoo clocks chiming, flowers blooming, butterflies and ladybirds adorning the building and the aviary full of birds.  Stunning.

We had a lovely time enjoying Waddesdon Imaginarium on New Years Eve, it really did end the year off nicely for us.

Enjoying Waddesdon Imaginarium on New Years Eve

There was hardly any queue for the return bus, so rather than walk back to the car park as normal, we picked the easy option and were soon heading off towards Aylesbury for our evening meal.  What did you do with the kids on New Years Eve?

Enjoying Waddesdon Imaginarium on New Years Eve

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20 thoughts on “Enjoying Waddesdon Imaginarium on New Years Eve

  1. What a great way to bring in the new year and great photos. I too am captivated by the dragon and the one of the hall at the end of a trail with clouds covering the moon looks like a competition winner. Or at least one for Waddesdon’s website! #CountryKids

  2. Oh wow and wow again! I know you’ve shared the lights in Christmas times before but this looks something else. I would absolutely love to be there one year, there was nothing like this when I was a child and it was walking distance from home! I think I’ll be retired before I get to return during the Christmas period but one day I will do it. I loved seeing the Avery lit up in your photos, apart fro the front entrance, this is the section I remember most – and a sneaky little hole in the hedge behind where I used to enter into the estate! I love your idea to go for New Year’s Eve, I wonder if this will become a new tradition?

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  3. They’ve certainly improved it the last couple of years since we saw it – back then it was just coloured lights to music, which was nice enough, but this year’s looked amazing. We might have to do similar – see the house later on, after the Christmas market has finished, then return inbetween for the light show.

  4. We love the special events that Waddesdon Manor hold, we need to visit more and have heard great things about the light shows and exhibitions. Looks amazing and lots of fun for the kids x #CountryKids x

  5. That looks like a fabulous way to celebrate New Year’s Eve – they do a light show on our church for Christmas and it’s always spectacular too. Great photos 🙂 #countrykids

  6. Wow, that’s quite a display on the house! We went to the lights at Blenheim this year which was really impressive although a bit too chilly for our three year old. We keep meaning to visit Waddesdon as it’s on a route we regularly drive along, thanks for the reminder!

  7. Wow that looks wonderful! It’s really impressive what they can do with light shows now. Unfortunately we didn’t do anything for New Year’s Eve as I wasn’t well! I guess there’s alwYs next year x #CountryKids

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