Exploring Hidcote for the first time

Exploring Hidcote for the first time

Each year I make a list of National Trust places that we’d like to explore and as my son gets older and copes with longer car journeys we have widened our horizons.  I’d wanted to visit Cotswold Lavender for a while, and realised that we could also tick another NT property off of our to do list on the same day. So we spent a morning exploring Hidcote for the first time and we certainly weren’t disappointed.

Exploring Hidcote for the first time

Hidcote is located close to Chipping Campden in Gloucestershire, and offers 10.5 acres of gardens to explore.  We started our visit with a bit of brunch in the cafe close to the entrance.  This gave my son a chance to survey the map and decide on the route we’d take.

Our first stop was a wall fountain which mesmerised my son for ages.

Once we’d finished looking at the water flowing it was time to look at water of a different kind.  The thought of a lily pond was a big draw and off we headed to this rather lovely spot as we spent time exploring Hidcote for the first time. We even got to watch some mating damselflies.

Exploring Hidcote for the first time

The Lily Pond stands in front of the rather impressive Plant House.

Exploring Hidcote for the first time

You can play tennis on the tennis court, but this was in use when we walked past so we explored the Kitchen Garden and Long Borders instead.

Exploring Hidcote for the first time

Exploring Hidcote for the first time

We spent time admiring the flowers in the borders and identifying the veggies growing in the Kitchen Garden.  There were butterflies everywhere, which was lovely to see.  Unfortunately they weren’t so keen on having their photos taken!

A pathway had been mown through the Orchard, giving my son some room to let off steam without getting in anyone’s way.

Exploring Hidcote for the first time

The Beech Allee was closed during our visit so we retraced our steps into the Great Lawn and Old Garden. with the occasional pit stop taken on a bench or two.

There are lots of winding paths offering adventures around every corner.

Exploring Hidcote for the first time


Making our way up the Long Walk and back down again, enjoying the views as we passed.

The Pillar Garden is really pretty at this time of year and my son loved finding the benches to sit on and admire the views.

Exploring Hidcote for the first time


Exploring Hidcote for the first time

The pond gave us the opportunity to look for water boatmen and the like, my Dad has taught his grandson well.

My son fell in love with stepping-stones when we visited Bodnant Garden back in April, so he was super excited to find some more as we spent the morning exploring Hidcote for the first time.

We had such a great time exploring Hidcote, and we all agreed that we will be visiting again at different times of year.  I can’t believe it’s taken us so long to visit for the first time.  Have you been?

Exploring Hidcote for the first time

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21 thoughts on “Exploring Hidcote for the first time

  1. We are national trust members too and live near Birmingham so i’m definitely going to add this property to our list to visit, love that they even have a tennis court to use too #countrykids

  2. What beautiful gardens and a perfect day to enjoy them. They look really rather lush still considering all the dry weather we have had of late. I am always impressed that your son carries his own bag and wears a hat, I clearly failed on both accounts with my kids. His interest in nature is wonderful and I hope it continues as he grows.

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful place on #CountryKids

  3. What beautiful gardens! I particularly like the waterlilies. It looks like your son had a fantastic time – I share his love of stepping stones and would have been quite excited myself! #CountryKids

  4. I agree that when you child is older you can do more! This place looks amazing and a fun place to explore. Your garden photos made me miss taking photos of blooms! #countrykids

  5. I am considering getting a National Trust membership and this looks another great place. I love butterflies and gardens. Are my eyes deceiving me though – or is there no stick?

    1. I would, we use ours so much it always pays for itself within a few visits. We have a few places local to us, so we can pop out for an hour or two as often as we like. No stick! It does happen sometimes 😀

  6. I haven’t been to Hidcote for years and this brought back lots of memories, especially the tennis court though I thought it was grass back then. Your son looks so interested, inquisitive and alive in nature – great to see. #CountryKids

  7. Beautiful pictures. I can’t get over how green everything is. Our heatwave is making everything brown. It looks like you had a lovely day of exploring. #countrykids

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