Exploring Legoland Windsor with 365 Tickets

Exploring Legoland Windsor with 365 Tickets

With back to school approaching fast I wanted to treat my son to one last day out before the reality of Year Four began.  Money is tight and I’m always on the look out for a good deal that will offer us a good day out for a reasonable price.  We spent Tuesday exploring Legoland Windsor with 365 Tickets.  The online ticketing company make a point of only offering tickets to a range of attractions for at most the gate price, but often discounted.  We were taking friends with us and we certainly saved on a family of four ticket for the day this way.  Tickets can be printed out on-line or posted (for a charge) and the service is easy to use.

Exploring Legoland Windsor with 365 Tickets

Legoland Windsor is a firm favourite with my son and somewhere we try to visit at least once a year if we can.  He’s not a daredevil so I’ve not considered buying Merlin passes as yet, so we always pay as we go and look out for deals beforehand.  Discovering we could spend a day exploring Legoland Windsor with 365 Tickets and save money has also given me ideas for future days out too.

We were spending our day out with my oldest friend and her twelve-year-old daughter and meeting them in the car park as they were travelling to Legoland Windsor from Wiltshire, whilst we were driving down from Oxfordshire.  It’s worth mentioning that you do have to pay £6 per car for parking.  This can be paid at the end of the day before leaving the main site, which is what I usually do.

We knew that my friend’s daughter and my eight year old son would probably want to explore different parts of Legoland Windsor at times but with maps in hand we knew we could meet up at different points throughout the day too.

This is probably our first visit where we haven’t spent any time in Duplo Valley at all, and we hadn’t brought swimwear with us, so knew we’d give Drench Towers a miss on this occasion too.

We started our day exploring Legoland Windsor with 365 Tickets on the Hill Train, it hadn’t been working on our last visit, so my son was very excited to get the chance to travel down to the main park on this ride.

Exploring Legoland Windsor with 365 Tickets

I’d heard that there were some new displays in Miniland and as that’s my son’s absolute favourite place at Legoland Windsor, that’s where we headed first.

Exploring Legoland Windsor with 365 Tickets

There’s a large area for USA and my son was soon trying to work out what the landmarks where and he was more than happy to find a train too!

Exploring Legoland Windsor with 365 Tickets

The Miniland area never ceases to amaze both of us, the details are just brilliant and there’s always something new to spot.  As well as the USA additions you can now also see landmarks from Australia, Russia, India and China.

St Basil’s Cathedral was just stunning.

Of course no visit for Miniland is complete without a go operating the trains.

Exploring Legoland Windsor with 365 Tickets

As well as checking out on the pit stops at the grand prix.

Exploring Legoland Windsor with 365 Tickets

The Sky Rider is a great suspended ride for getting an overview of Miniland too and somewhere we always try to get at least one ride on, on any visit.

Next stop for the four of us was Atlantis with the submarine that goes through the aquarium.

The park was at full capacity on the day we visited and I’d expected the queues to be pretty horrendous, but I didn’t think they were that bad to be frank.  We queued for around 25-30 minutes for Atlantis, less than the 45 minutes advertised at the time anyway.

Our friends wanted to try Laser Raiders but my son wasn’t keen, so whilst they joined the queue for over an hour, my son and I got to try a ride I’ve never been able to get him on before.  The queue for Spinning Spiders was much shorter and with a number of carriages to choose from, we only waited 15 minutes before we had our turn.  The spider above us moves too, so it kept my son well entertained whilst we were waiting to get on the ride.

He loved the ride, so that’s another one we can add to our list.

Exploring Legoland Windsor with 365 Tickets

My son is always very wary of trying anything new, and even more so if he can’t see it from outside before queuing, so I still haven’t managed to persuade him to try the Lego Ninjago The Ride.  But he did decide to have a look around the Lego Star Wars Miniland Model Display, which is really worth a visit.  We were both so impressed and my son told me that he should have tried looking around it before now.

There are interactive displays as well as lights and sounds within the display, and it’s somewhere we will definitely revisit.

I tried all day to persuade my son to go on the Viking’s River Splash as he normally enjoys that style of ride, but on this trip he was happier just watching others getting wet.

We ended our day exploring Legoland Windsor with 365 Tickets on the Coastguard HQ ride, which is always popular, so we knew we’d be in for a wait in the queue and that it would be our last ride of the day.  It does make queuing easier when you’ve got company though, and the kids chatted away before w got ushered to our respective boats.

We did notice that the area behind the ride had been fenced off as a new ride opening in Spring 2019 is being built.  It meant that the elephant isn’t squirting anyone on the ride, so my son’s godmother got away without that little surprise! It might also explain why the train isn’t running.  We’re hoping that that isn’t permanently closed.

Even though the park was busy, we’d had a full day of fun and still managed a quick trip to the Lego shop before heading home.  I’m sure we’ll be back again soon and will make use of the discounts that 365 Tickets offer, when we do.  To see what attractions and theme parks are covered by 365 Tickets pop over to their website, definitely worth looking at if you are heading down to London too!

Have you been to Legoland Windsor?  If so what’s your favourite part of the park?

disclosure:  we were given complimentary tickets in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Looks like a fun day out. I am always amazed at the details achieved within the Lego builds. Yay for getting to try a new ride. #countrykids

  2. We haven’t been to Legoland for years, it looks like there are some fun new rides and areas to explore. The lego cities were always a favourite with ours, visiting with a friend sounds like a good way to make a fun day for everyone. #CountryKids

  3. Legoland is always a favourite with us too. So glad to hear that the Hill Train is running again – it’s been closed for such a long time. Love the new areas in Miniland and the trains are always fun. Sounds like you had a lovely day out and it’s good that the queues were reasonable even with the park at full capacity. I will have to check out 365 Tickets to see what other attractions they cover. Thanks for sharing with #CountryKids

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