Exploring the beaches of North Cornwall

Exploring the beaches of North Cornwall #CountryKids

It’s quite a few years since I last visited Cornwall and in those days my requirements certainly didn’t involve children. In fact if I’m totally honest, I probably actively avoided anything child related. So I’m back, in a different life, and exploring the beaches of North Cornwall with a child very much in mind. Sharing a few memories of our holiday over the Easter holidays.

All of a sudden toilets, eateries and easy access become important when you have a child in tow. Yes I would love to go off along the cliff tops and walk from Trevone to Polzeath as I have in years gone by. But the lure of the beach is just way more important when you are 5 years old. Seeing the seaside is a novelty for a child growing up in Oxfordshire, not the norm. He’s drawn to the beach like a magnet, what child isn’t?

It doesn’t need to be 25 degrees in the shade for a child to enjoy the beach, in fact weather conditions don’t really feature at all. Monkey’s criteria would definitely be – is there sand, is there sea, do I have something to dig with, do I have something to collect water in. Do I have slaves aka parents readily at hand to dig, fill, carry and facilitate my every need. Can ice cream be provided whatever the weather.

Exploring the beaches of North Cornwall

So we found ourselves exploring the beaches of North Cornwall whilst staying at Coombe Mill earlier this year. Trevone has a large car park (its private and the charges do seem to change without notice – it went up £3.00 in the week we were staying in Cornwall leading up to Easter).

Exploring the beaches of North Cornwall

There are readily accessible toilets,  a cafe and shop all at hand. So the practicalities are sorted for family fun. Check out the tide times to make sure you can maximise your stay and enjoy.

Exploring the beaches of North Cornwall

We certainly didn’t have the warmest day for our visit to Trevone, but the bonus to that was we had almost the whole beach to ourselves.

The kids could dig and run around as much as they liked and Daddy P could finally get to attempt to fly his kite. That was entertaining in itself.

Exploring the beaches of North Cornwall

I could watch the waves crashing against the cliffs further along the coast and enjoy watching the children being very industrious.

Another day and the wind was definitely up, which also meant the surf was up at Polzeath.

Exploring the beaches of North Cornwall

With pay and display parking, bigger shops and cafes, it’s got a much more commercial feel to it, it’s also a surfers paradise. A great place to let Monkey watch these wave riders practice their craft and to see the waves at full force.

Exploring the beaches of North Cornwall

The wind was trying to blow us off our feet, our kite would have been blown away.

Exploring the beaches of North Cornwall

The weather so much wilder than the rather serene Trevone.

There were jagged outcrops of rock to explore, no buckets and spades at Polzeath, just running, hiding and exploration.  An even in a really strong wind, there was room for an ice cream, although Mummy had retreated to the car by this point!  I must be getting old.

Exploring the beaches of North Cornwall – Trevone and Polzeath.  I’m sure we’ll be back again some day. Monkey had such a wonderful time, memories were made that week.

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12 thoughts on “Exploring the beaches of North Cornwall #CountryKids

  1. Happy memories from your week with us and blustery fun on the beaches. As you say the weather really doesn’t matter when you are 5, just weather appropriate clothing! Polzeath to Trevone is quite a hike by any standards, certainly not one to do with children, but one day Monkey will be challenging you to keep up with him! Till then enjoy these lovely days of his childhood. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  2. The beach is a great day out, whatever the weather. Children are absolutely right. The smiles say it all. #CountryKids

  3. It’s been such a long time since I visited Cornwall, I will have to make that trip soon.
    You are so right, when you are little you don’t need loads of sun to have fun on the beach, I’ve never known a 5 yr old sunbathe, or relax with a book. In fact I much prefer the beach in cooler weather when they are less crowded and the kids can run around without bothering the sunbathing adults.

  4. Totally agree with your comment about kids and beaches when they live in landlocked Oxfordshire! The beach holds the same appeal for my kids too. Even though they’re older they revert to digging sand castles and making elaborate moats. #countrykids

  5. I can imagine how breezy is was at Polzeath-Trevone is so much more protected by the headland. Lovely photo’s and I was very entertained by the kite flying as you know x

  6. We live by the coast in North Cornwall and yet as soon as little T sees the beach, she still gets all excited! We can’t drive past one without hearing a plea “Please, let’s go to the beach!” Looks like you guys still had fun in spite the grey skies and blustery wind 🙂 #countrykids.

  7. completely agree with different priorities when you have a child…my husband and I used to love coast path walks in Cornwall in our pre-child days. I haven’t actually walked on a coast path for over five years now. You’re right, here’s loads of fun to be had on the beaches anyway. Good for you getting out & about even when the weather was a bit windy & grey…children don’t notice these things anyway! #countrykids

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