Fathers Day at Cadbury World #CountryKids

Fathers Day at Cadbury World #CountryKids

Fathers Day at Cadbury World

Daddy P is a total chocoholic and his brand of choice is Cadbury.  So I’ve been planning a trip for some time to his idea of heaven.  We spent Fathers Day at Cadbury World last month.  But the day was more than just learning about chocolate production and eating samples!

I’d decided to exchange some Tesco vouchers so we could spend Fathers Day at Cadbury World, my plan nearly ended up in disaster though.  A luckily timed tweet from Cadbury World themselves told me to ring up and book a timed entry, to guarantee we could get in.  Phew, imagine, over an hour’s mystery drive, to arrive at his idea of heaven, only to be turned away.  Time slot booked and we were ready to go.  We’d kept the destination a surprise all week, until we got in the car to leave home and Monkey pipes up Daddy – we’re going to the chocolate place!  Thanks for that Monkey.

Anyway, Daddy P was rather happy to know where we were heading, somewhere he’s always wanted to visit.  Both Daddy P and Monkey love milk chocolate, but I take after my Dad, and am a Bourneville dark chocolate fan.

Fathers Day at Cadbury World Fathers Day at Cadbury World

We arrived, picked up our timed tickets (along with a press CD which Cadbury World had very kindly left for me; sadly my laptop doesn’t like the disc so I can’t share the contents with you). We were a little early to joined the queue, which is also timed, so we had a look around The World’s Biggest Cadbury Shop.  Oh boy, any chocolate fan is going to be in paradise in there, the prices are also discounted.  Monkey’s favourite thing – the train that runs around the ceiling.  It kept him amused as we joined the queue.

Fathers Day at Cadbury World

We could have turned up without pre-booking our time slot, but there was a 2-hour wait for non-pre-booked slots, so very glad we did book.  With young children that could be a nightmare.

I was slightly worried about how Monkey would react to the Cadbury World experience, dark rooms, rides and cinema – not a sure-fire recipe for success with my son.

Fathers Day at Cadbury World

If I’m being totally honest he didn’t enjoy a lot of it, too dark for him, and probably not enough time to just adjust to his new surroundings.  But we followed the Aztec Jungle trail, learning about the origins of chocolate.  The Journey to Europe, and to Bull Street and the Cadbury Story.  He did enjoy the little ride through Cadabra which was a relief.

Fathers Day at Cadbury World

Top tip – when you enter the cinema, if you have a nervous child, sit on the back row to avoid shaking seats etc.

Daddy P and I found it all rather interesting, learning how the company started and watching the products develop over the years.  I’m sure if we go back in a couple of years Monkey will enjoy the experience more.

Fathers Day at Cadbury World Fathers Day at Cadbury World

One area he did enjoy was the Chocolate Making area, we could try some chocolate coated in all sorts of treats and watch chocolates being made in moulds.  As this is something Monkey had done with me at Christmas and Easter; he happily watched the demonstration.

Of course, as it was Fathers Day at Cadbury World we did make Daddy pose for a picture.

Fathers Day at Cadbury WorldAfter we’d been through the main Cadbury World experience and collected some free chocolate bars along the way, we stopped in the Cafe for a spot of lunch and Monkey got to meet the Cadbury cow.

Fathers Day at Cadbury World

Then it was time to explore the playground area behind the main Cadbury building and do a little bit of train spotting!

Fathers Day at Cadbury World Fathers Day at Cadbury World

Fathers Day at Cadbury World Fathers Day at Cadbury World

The playground is great, there are different areas for different age ranges and Monkey was in his element, just running around.

Fathers Day at Cadbury World

He won’t go on a lot of things, but he found areas he was happy in and had a lovely time. It was then time to visit the Bournville Experience, which showed a scale model of the whole Bournville site which fascinated Monkey.

Fathers Day at Cadbury World Fathers Day at Cadbury World

We were all fascinated by the automated packing area and spent ages watching boxes full of Wispa bars coming along a conveyor belt, being stacked onto a pallet by a robot and then being whisked off by another machine.  Not a human being in site.  I did leave, wondering just how many people had been replaced by machinery over the years. Progress.

We’d decided that Fathers Day at Cadbury World wasn’t just about visiting the Experience Centre.  We wanted to see more of the area of Bournville itself.  When you pick up your visitor guide, there is a map and information about the Cadbury site and the village.

We started off with the Cadbury Trail, which took us on a walk around the outside of the factory, with information points along the way.  It’s not a circular walk, so you do have to turn back on yourselves, but this didn’t bother my little boy.

Fathers Day at Cadbury World Fathers Day at Cadbury World

The information points gave us all a good opportunity to learn more about the area and to understand the site as a whole.  It doesn’t take long and we all learnt something.

We then set off to explore the rest of Bournville.  The workers must have thought they’d moved to paradise when the Bournville village opened.  There are trees and open spaces everywhere.  It must have been so different from the squalor of inner city living.

Bournville Park was also a big hit with Monkey, and it’s where we ended a lovely Fathers Day at Cadbury World.

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28 thoughts on “Fathers Day at Cadbury World #CountryKids

  1. We live pretty near here, but haven’t been. My husband likes chocolate, too, so we’ll go one day! I had heard it might be better for slightly older kids, though, and your review backs that up for me. Though my pair would love that play area and Bournville Park. Glad your husband had a good day 🙂

    1. I think some kids Monkey’s age would be totally fine with it, but from an educational point of view, yes older is better. Monkey struggles with noise, new surroundings etc anyway, so from that point of view I had reservations, but you try and learn.

  2. Interesting. We keep meaning to go too, we did stop by one day as we were travelling through birmingham but as we hadn’t booked there were no spaces left! Good in a way that they do cap entry so I guess it won’t get so over crowded and manic inside? I might have to do the same thing, swap some tesco voucher and then pre book the time, it does look like a good day out and something a bit different

    1. Yes, it would be quite hard to enjoy the experience if they didn’t control the numbers. I’m sure we’ll go back in a couple of years when Monkey hopefully would enjoy the whole day a bit more.

  3. now that looks like a lot of fun i love your post it is so detailed and now i want to go i have a house of chocolate monsters so it would be an great day out plus we just finished reading Charlie and the chocolate factory 🙂 #countrykids

  4. I do miss working at Cadbury, although i wasn’t based there. I’ve only done the tour via employees, so haven’t done the whole lot (although been inside the factory which was amazing back then. Probably lots less people now). Am sure N would love it – well the chocolate aspect.

    1. Didn’t realise you’d worked for them, yes I bet the actual factory was and still would be fascinating to watch. One of my friends got transferred from Banbury recently.

  5. A Father’s Day to remember! I’ve never been but I have heard that it’s a great day out for the whole family and one gift shop that I would definitely be spending money in. Thanks for linking up and sharing the fun with Country Kids.

  6. Sounds like a really fun day out and the perfect place for Daddy P! Very glad to hear you booked a time slot in advance, the thought of a 2 hour wait with a kiddie, eeps! xx #countrykids

  7. We don’t live far away but have never visited because my son hates chocolate! Maybe we can go when he is busy doing something else 🙂 #countrykids

  8. Our school takes the year 5 children each year, it’s the highlight of the school year. They don’t let them have any chocolate on the trip or bus back though, they wait and give it all to the parents at the end, could just imagine 70 kids high on sugar and travel sick otherwise! #countrykids

  9. What a great idea for a father’s day outing – plus chocolate for everyone! Great review too with the ups and downs of a visit.

  10. Looks like a lovely way to enjoy fathers day. 🙂 We have been before but have never done the trail or explored bournville…. WE must go back again, just so we can do this… 😉

  11. I didn’t realise there was so much to do! It is a long time since I last visited and I think I was more interested in the chocolate making than anything else 😀 It sounds like you had a great day and what a perfect Father’s Day treat!

  12. This looks like such a lovely day out and somewhere I’ve always wanted to go to, I didn’t realise that entry was available through Tesco vouchers – Thanks! x

  13. What an amazing birthday gift! I remember trips to factories as a kid is always exciting. I can never forget any of them and I am sure Monkey will too. Thanks for sharing your special day. It is lovely there =) #countrykids

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