Hatton Adventure Farm at Hatton Country World

When we were asked if we would like to visit Hatton Country World and more specifically the Hatton Adventure Farm, and then let you all know what we thought, I jumped at the chance.  Hatton Country World is in Warwickshire, just under an hour’s drive away from us.  I’ve visited once before, when my parents were on a visit from Spain and when Monkey was very little.  We didn’t visit the Hatton Adventure Farm then as Monkey was too small, but there are some lovely independent shops to browse around, I can remember spending some time in a wonderful jewellery store and my Mum enjoyed the garden centre and stone ornaments that were displayed.  You only pay to enter the Adventure Farm, there is the lovely Cafe Lavender Blue where you can sit and enjoy a peaceful cup of tea.

Hatton Country World
www.over40andamumtoone.com Cafe Lavender Blue

But this time was all about a 3 and half year old Monkey having fun, and far less about Mummy shopping!!  We booked the sunshine and away we went.  The motorway was kind to us and we arrived just as everything opened at 10am.  You can check the website here for current prices – you also get a discount if you book on-line.  You can also find information on the Facebook page.

Hatton Country World, Hatton Farm Park, Days out in Warwickshire
www.over40andamumtoone.com Arriving at Hatton Adventure Farm

Top tip:  ask for the Farm map leaflet when you buy your tickets, so you can get your bearings early on.  We didn’t ask and I only found the leaflet after lunch.  There is a big map board in the Adventure Farm but if you take the same route as Monkey – you will MISS it!

We got our animal feed and Monkey headed straight to Farmyard Favourites.  Monkey decided that he would tip the feed out into my hand and let me brave the goats and sheep with my fingers – no fool my son!

Hatton Country World, Hatton Adventure Farm
www.over40andamumtoone.com Farmyard Favourites

We saw some little mice and then the cutest thing ever – Guinea Pig World.  I have never seen so many guinea pigs in one place, and they really did have their own little village – it was a big hit with all the kids.

Hatton Country World, Hatton Adventure Farm
www.over40andamumtoone.com Guinea Pig World

We then found ourselves in the Under 5’s Indoor play area – time for a quick game of footie.

Hatton Country World, Hatton Adventure Farm
www.over40andamumtoone.com Under 5s indoor play

As the sun was shining we decided we really should make the most of the weather and enjoy all the outdoor activities Hatton Adventure Farm has to offer. We spotted the JCB Young Driver Zone and Monkey was away!  Any regular reader will know that my son has an obsession with JCB.

Hatton Country World, Hatton Adventure Farm
www.over40andamumtoone.com JCB Young Driver Zone

Monkey was in his element, although he was pushing rather than pedalling (more on that later), there were obstacles to manoeuvre over, and around and the highlight was definately the petrol pump!

Then we went on a stroll up to the Think Food and Farming Growing Patch and met the pigs at Pig Palace.  Monkey has been growing his own fruit and veg so we were interested to compare notes!

Hatton Country World, Hatton Adventure Farm
www.over40andamumtoone.com Think Food and Pig Palace

For 20p, you can pick a small handful of pig food and put it down a ramp into a toy tractor and trailer and then turn a handle for the tractor to reverse down a track and tip its load to the waiting pig.  Monkey loved doing this and could actually turn the handle all by himself.

It wasn’t long until Monkey was off again ……

Hatton Country World, Hatton Adventure Farm
All the fun of the farm

There really is so much to do to keep the kids amused, you can’t really get it all done in one visit.  His favourite thing on the whole day was the Combine Harvester climbing frame.

We decided that it was time for lunch, normally I would have taken a picnic, there were picnic tables aplenty as well as lots of open spaces for a picnic blanket if you preferred that idea.

You are given wristbands when you enter the park so if you want to visit the shops or other eating areas, it easy to get back into the farm again.

But we had been asked to try one of the three eateries, so we settled on Snorty’s Bouncing Barnyard Restaurant, which also houses the softplay area Snorty’s Bouncing Barnyard. Remember if you want to use the softplay area – bring socks for the kids.  Monkey doesn’t like softplay areas but the children that were there, seemed to be having a great time.

For lunch we settled for a kids lunchbox – 5 items and a drink for £5.95 – cheese or ham sandwiches on both white and brown bread, cheese cubes, raisins, apples, chocolates, marshmallows, yogurt and orange or apple juice.  I had a lovely, well filled sandwich and a coke.  There were hot meal options too, but to be honest I didn’t even look at those as it was scorching hot outside and the thought of eating a hot dinner just didn’t appeal.  The area was clean and well staffed and we sat with a couple of other Mum’s and their children.

After lunch we all decided we wanted to try one of the daily activities – the Tristan the Runaway Tractor ride – a must for a Monkey! This was included in the entry price as were most things.  We did walk past some pony rides and they were extra at £2.50.

Hatton Country World, Hatton Adventure Farm
Tractors and ponies

Then Monkey decided he wanted to explore the Tractor Trek and Build ‘n Play sand pit.  We had a proud Mummy moment when Monkey actually pedaled by himself for the first time – we will remember our trip for a number of reasons now 🙂

Hatton Country World, Hatton Adventure Farm
www.over40andamumtoone.com Tractors and Sand pits

Then it was time for a well-earned ice lolly – there are refreshment areas dotted around the farm so you are never far away from drinks, ice creams and snacks.  During the summer there is also a Farmhouse BBQ going.

Hatton Country World, Hatton Adventure Park
www.over40andamumtoone.com Lolly time

Monkey’s lolly cost £1.40 and I had a Cornetto for £1.95, which I though was reasonable.  We had drinks later in the afternoon and again they didn’t break the bank like some of these places do when they have a captive audience!

There were a whole host of events going on during the day – we just never made it to them!  There were also lots of areas in the farm that we never got to either.  It was Monkey’s day and I wanted him to try exactly what he wanted.  We missed the Agility Play Trail, Trampolines, Bouncy Castles and Super Slides and the Children’s Show Marquee to name but a few.  So it says something, that we had an action packed day full of fun, and didn’t see any of the events and didn’t try a number of the areas!

I have forgotten to mention Snorty – Hatton Adventure Farm’s resident hero!

Hatton Country World, Hatton Adventure Farm
www.over40andamumtoone.com Snorty says hello

By mid afternoon I had a rather tired little Monkey on my hands and the heat had taken its toll.  We decided to head home after a wonderful day out. In Monkey’s words ….

I had lovely day Mummy

You can’t ask for more can you? 🙂

A couple of other things to mention – if you are into your camping, then Hatton Country World offers Family Camping Weekend packages which include some great activities.  There are also three different Hatton Country Walks for you to try – ranging from 3.5miles – 5 miles.

All in all there is something for everyone at Hatton Country World and I’m sure we’ll be back to try more of what the Hatton Adventure Farm has to offer.

disclaimer:  we were given free access, animal feed and lunch for the purposes of review, our comments however, remain our own honest thoughts






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  1. This looks like a great day out, monkey seems to have enjoyed and I’m sure my boys would too! Will definitely keep it in mind if we are up there in future

  2. Looks like a fun day out. We have something similar close to us that the kids love and they too have a guinea pig world!

  3. That looks like a great day out, I have a feeling I may have been there is it near the canal? If it is we went while on a narrow boating holiday!

  4. Mary
    Thank you for your blog reminding me about Hatton. Took our very nearly four year old today and she had a fantastic time. She loved everything but I think her favourite was the big bouncy castle slide! Sheep racing was another hit!

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