how to build LEGO figures

How to build LEGO figures – video tutorials

how to build LEGO figuresWithin the next year I expect Monkey will be moving away from Duplo.  He’ll be wanting to try out LEGO.  He certainly loved our trip to Legoland Windsor earlier this year.  I have to say I’m quite looking forward to this transition; being something of a LEGO fan myself.  I’ve recently been made aware of some great ‘how to build LEGO figures’ videos that have been created by Master Model Builder Alex Bidolak at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester.  It’s somewhere I’d love to visit, and is a favourite with Jenny over at The Brick Castle, who visited again recently.

Alek will be making more ‘how to build LEGO figures’ videos throughout 2014, but with Christmas just around the corner I thought these first few would be a great idea to share with you.  There is a turtle, ghost, cake and Blackpool Tower to try.

Credits: LEGO® video tutorials with Master Model Builder Alex Bidolak at the family attraction LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester

Let me know what you think – good luck with your LEGO building over Christmas 🙂

18 thoughts on “How to build LEGO figures – video tutorials

  1. how to build videos are a good idea! i will have to show mr z. no doubt monkey will be getting into the proper lego very soon – he will love it!! we have both. duplo is still good as they can do it without any help or assistance needed, they all still ask me to help them out a bit with the lego but then that is nice in another way as you can do it as a group thing all working together

  2. I leave the lego building to Daddy, last year he felt a bit redundant as MOnkey started building alone, this year though Mouse joins the fold so he will have someone to help!

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