Jousting at Blenheim Palace

Jousting What’s the Story? 12th August

My post for What’s the Story? 12th August is all about a particular photograph taken at the Jousting at Blenheim Palace earlier this year.  Regular readers will know that we spend a lot of time at Blenheim Palace!  We have an annual pass and use it all the time, including for the Jousting Tournaments which are held twice a year.

It’s always a great day out, sometimes in the rain, sometimes, luckily in the sunshine!  I just love this particular photo – it looks as if the Knights are in the midst of a conversation, even with all that armour on!

Jousting at Blenheim Palace

I wonder what they are saying?  What do you think? That’s my What’s the Story? 12th August

8 thoughts on “Jousting What’s the Story? 12th August

  1. How exciting I never knew this existed! What a brilliant event to go to, it looks like fabulous fun and Blenheim Palace is wonderful. I wonder if they’re discussing who’s going to win?! I love the idea of that! Thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

  2. I’ve never been. Saw some jousting at Camp Bestival this year and kids loved it. Will have to add it to my list of ‘places I must visit’

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