Mead Open Farm – what a difference a year makes!

We visited Mead Open Farm, near Leighton Buzzard last July with our Children’s Centre.  It was a wonderful sunny day, my son really enjoyed himself and I was really impressed with the Farm and facilities and made a mental note to return.

So when pre-school picked it for our summer outing this year, our names were down in a shot! So our trip day had arrived, and he peeped a look through the bedroom curtains to check the weather – it was raining 🙁 It's raining Mummy

Oh well, we’d make the best of whatever the weather threw at us, luckily my son’s size 9 wellies just about fit him still (mental note – must buy size 10 wellies pronto!).  We literally ran all the way to pre-school and got on the coach.  The trip had begun, and he was rather excited. On the Coach

The trip took just under an hour, but the time flew by, as we talked about all the things we could see out of the large coach windows. We arrived before we knew it, it was still raining – good old English summertime – flaming June??

As we queued I could see a sign advising that the Tractor Trailer rides wouldn’t be running due to the weather conditions – my heart sank.  How was I going to tell him that he wouldn’t be getting his tractor ride?  I totally understand that it’s not safe for the trailer, but it’s still a nightmare to break that news to a 3 and half-year-old tractor mad boy.

Anyway, our group was ushered into the tea room and our guide talked through some safety tips, cleaning hands, etc and let us know the timings for the day’s events.

He was eager to be off, but decided he didn’t want to look at the animals! He remembered the farm from our previous trip and had his own idea of what he wanted to see. Tractors and Loaders

There are lots of pedal tractors and cars at Mead Open Farm, he was in his element, as everyone else had made a beeline for the animals, and in the pouring rain, he had the area to himself (funnily enough!!). Unfortunately, we soon realised that his waterproof trousers weren’t quite so waterproof anymore – (second note to self – need to buy some new waterproof trousers!).

I finally persuaded him, with the help of a damp bottom, that we should have a look at the animals.  The first thing he saw was a JCB ‘Larry Loadall’ – I think I could probably have left him by that barn all day, and it wasn’t even being used.

Anyway, I finally tore him away from the Loadall and convinced him to look at some of the animals. Animals at Mead Open Farm

We could have joined the Bunny Hop, seeing the bunnies run around on the hay bales and watching the lambs being bottle-fed, but my son was adamant he didn’t want to see either this time, so off we went for a walk in the rain! A walk around the Farm

One of the things we loved about our last visit to Mead Open Farm is the brilliant Digger Village Sandpit – he spent hours in it during our last visit.  As we went on our walk around the farm he got very excited when he saw it again.  I promised him, that no matter what the weather, after lunch he could spend some time in the sandpit.  But we then spotted the farmer on a small tractor taking some feed to the cattle – He was off in hot pursuit!

We then decided it was time for our lunch too, so we made our way to the covered picnic area via the rabbit warren.  After lunch, we had a quick pit stop in Mini Moos within Shaggy’s Playworld – a soft play area.  Mini Moos is great for young kids like my son who don’t like climbing and jumping around in the main soft play area.  It has lots of Little Tikes sit in cars, a garage and petrol pump, and a row of shops.  He loves it in there, and there are lots of cars so no need for any meltdowns!

It was then time for the Lamb National ……. Lamb National

We don’t know whether Lambretta won the race as he had spied the Digger Village sandpit and was off. Dig, dig digging

It was great to see him digging away.  Last year I had been in charge of the levers but this year he could manage them all by himself, He had a ball, and was the only one in the sandpit for ages.  He was a very happy boy.

There are lots of activities for older children too – a rock climbing wall, pedal go-karts, crazy golf, and the new Sky Trail.

We paid a reduced rate as we went as part of a preschool group, and you can also save money by buying tickets online through the website.

I’d thoroughly recommend Mead Open Farm – we’ve experienced it and all it has to offer on a wonderful sunny day and now on a wet and dull day, and had just as much fun.  We’ll be returning I’m sure.

10 thoughts on “Mead Open Farm – what a difference a year makes!

  1. Glad you had a good day despite the weather! We love the tractors too and my wee man really enjoyed riding the small ones.

  2. It’s a shame the weather wasn’t great, but I can see from the photos that you and Monkey made the most of it – it’s a shame he didn’t get the tractor ride (I’m sure you will return another day). It’s nice that they have several play areas as well as the animals, it all makes for a lovely day out. Thanks for sharing on Country Kids.

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