Running around the Rose Garden at Blenheim Palace

Messing around at the Palace

We had absolutely no plans for today when we woke up this morning.  It was actually quite nice to have nothing to rush off to, no pressure to get fed, dressed and out the door.  A rare event in this household.  So what shall we do today?  Up to you, anything you fancy (within reason!!).  Blenheim Palace, Mummy!! Ok, that’s fine by me, we’ll spend the day messing around at the Palace.  As regular readers will know, we love Blenheim Palace and visit it A LOT!

I asked my son if he wanted me to get his bucket and spade for the sandpit at the Palace, not today Mummy, no digging, I want to go on the train!

So off we set, not organised to have enough items in the fridge to make our usual picnic, I thought we’d have a treat and eat at the Palace too.

We arrived, parked up at the Pleasure Gardens and checked the train times.  We had 15 minutes before the train would come back to the station.  Time to visit the Bygone Museum – he loves it there with all the old machinery, then a run around the Pleasure Gardens play area before heading back to the train station.

We found a carriage and settled down for the ride, it’s only a short ride that takes you to the front of the Palace.  He decided that he wanted to stay on the train for the return ride; there weren’t too many waiting at the Palace stop, so that was fine.  He loves watching the engine uncoupled from one end of the carriages and join up again at the other end for the return journey.

When we arrived back at the Pleasure Gardens we headed for the Cafe for lunch, some sandwiches, fruit and a drink. Where shall we go next?  Back on the train Mummy!!  Ok, I said, but this time we are going to get off at the Palace and do some walking so we can earn an ice cream later in the day.

With the thought of a lovely ice cream to come, he was happy to spend some time messing around at the Palace, looking at the Formal Gardens, walking past our NCT picnic tree that we used to eat under every Monday afternoon, exploring the scent filled Rose Gardens, running through the trees to the watery Cascades.

We stopped for a rest amongst the trees before walking back for that well-deserved ice cream and the train ride back to the car.  A great, unplanned day, messing around at the Palace!


17 thoughts on “Messing around at the Palace

    1. They look good don’t they, perfect for me as I always take a million photos! Yes, I think you’re right. We had such a lovely day, no tantrums, just a lovely day being a Mum with her litle boy 🙂

    1. It really is, a simply day out, no hassle, no running around, just nice, quality time. Thanks for the nomination – will have to have a good think about that. I’m a Liebster award winner too 🙂

  1. Sounds like you had a great time there, it looks fabulous. I’ve not been there for years, grew up not far from there though. Highly amusing after seeing your comment about Wisley!

  2. What a lovely day out and that Peacock butterfly is just stunning. It must be fabulous to have Blenheim on tap 🙂

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