Monkey went to the Theatre

Monkey went to the Theatre

You may remember that I posted a while ago about a show called Andy and Mike’s Tick Tock Time Machine featuring Andy Day from CBeebies and his comedy partner Mike James. Well on Sunday Monkey went to the Theatre for the very first time, to see this show.Monkey went to the TheatreWe set off down the A34 bright and early on Sunday morning and headed to Bournemouth.  The sun was actually out as we arrived and parked near to the Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre.  Monkey is a big fan of Andy’s, but he was a little confused.  He believes that Andy lives at Longleat (where Andy’s Wild Adventures are filmed for CBeebies) and couldn’t quite understand why we’d ended up in Bournemouth.

Monkey went to the TheatreWe headed inside and met up with Angela from The Life of Spicers and her family.  We were sitting in the same row, the kids talked us into buying them a toy each from the stall.

Monkey went to the TheatreMonkey decided on a flashing star wand which was quite apt as proceeds go to The Lullaby Trust in memory of #MatildaMae.  I often thought of her during the performance when Monkey turned it on.

Monkey went to the TheatreWe settled down to the first half of the show.  I was a little apprehensive, how would Monkey react?  He hates the cinema – too noisy.  The lights went down and we heard Andy’s voice.  Where is he Mummy?  That’s Andy!

So the story began!  Andy and Mike discovered Andy’s Great, Great Great Grandfather Wally Bum’s Tick Tock Time Machine at the bottom of the garden.  It’s cleverly disguised as a toilet in a shower cubicle.  They need to rescue Old Mike from exile as a certain circular cheese popular with children!  To save the day, they must travel into the past – to a time of Knights of Old …..

Monkey went to the Theatreand to The Wild West ……. to collect things they need from the past ….

Monkey went to the Theatrebefore heading into the future to collect the final item.  Will they succeed?

The show was really funny, it’s live, things didn’t always go according to plan.  Did that matter?  Not a bit, it just had us laughing even more.

Andy and Mike are full of fun and work really well together.  Even Daddy P was joining in with the action.  We got squirted by water pistols and one Dad became an active part of the show.

The show lasts for about an hour and half with a twenty-minute interval in the middle.  It was long enough to hold the childrens’ attention.  So Monkey went to the Theatre – how did he get on?  He was uncertain at times, spellbound at times too.  He didn’t cry (thank god!) and really seemed to enjoy the second half.  It was a great first theatre experience for him.

The show has finished now until the new year, but if you look on Andy and Mike’s website you can already book for 2014 – we’d recommend it, we had a great time.

Monkey went to the TheatreAt the end of the show Andy and Mike came to meet all the kids, sign autographs and have their photos taken.  Needless to say Monkey was too shy, but Monkey went to the Theatre and I got this shot of the guys for prosperity.

disclaimer:  we were given tickets for the purpose of review, our comments however, remain our own, honest opinions.

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    1. Love Show Me Show Me – bet that was good. I’m hoping this is the start of something. Not sure we’re ready for a noisy Panto but will be keeping my eyes peeled for more suitable shows for him.

  1. So important that a first experience is a good one isn’t it. I’m wondering about my son but he’ll be 3 and a half when it cones on next year and might be too small. I think his sister would love it even though she’s technically too old! Monkey has the sane coat as my son-only way I can get him to wear one, because it has cars and buses on….!!

  2. Sounds like it was a great show and how lovely that Andy and Mike were there afterwards for photos and autographs

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