More fun at the Palace

More fun at the Palace – Blenheim Palace

We are frequent visitors to Blenheim Palace as you can see from previous posts.

This week we have actually been to the Palace two days running!  On Thursday we met my son’s God Mum and her 7-year-old daughter there for their first visit.  It wasn’t pouring down with rain, but it certainly wasn’t picnicking weather either.

We decided to base ourselves in the Pleasure Gardens and my son took the lead.

More fun at the Palace Walking to the Pleasure Gardens

He then decided we should visit the Butterfly House and show our guests the gardens leading up to it.

More fun at the Palace Butterfly House Gardens

and then into the Butterfly House, there were lots of them flying around this week.

More fun at the Palace Butterfly House

When we came out of the Butterfly House both of the children decided they wanted to get artistic.  There is a fairly new Pottery Painting area, so they chose the piece of pottery they wanted to paint and away they went.  No real surprise that my son picked a  ………. TRACTOR money-box!!

More fun at the Palace Tractor Painting

You can see how much he enjoyed himself.  Our friend, being slightly older made a lovely coaster with the sun and stars painted on it.  Both masterpieces should be ready for me to collect next week once they’ve been fired.

Then off for some splashing around in puddles 🙂

More fun at the Palace

Then we decided to try our hand at the Marlborough Maze.  I have to say that I’m not great with mazes.  I tend to get a rising sense of panic, but the children were keen to play hide and seek whilst trying to work our way around the maze, so I did my best to enjoy it!

More fun at the Palace Marlborough Maze

By the time we had found our way out of the Maze, it was time for some well-deserved lunch.  Pizza all round, in the Garden Cafe – really nice and loads of toppings.

Then a quick round trip on the Blenheim train and it was time for our friends to head back to Wiltshire.

Friday was a total contrast – a lovely sunny day.  We car shared with some NCT friends had a picnic in the Pleasure Gardens and our boys spent a couple of hours in the sandpit, followed by a round trip train ride and an Ice Cream to finish the day off nicely.

So two consecutive days, spent at the same place, with totally different weather, doing totally different things.  Do you think he was bored?  Not a chance.  Blenheim Palace we love you lots.


6 thoughts on “More fun at the Palace – Blenheim Palace

  1. So much to do…very envious of all that wonderful exploration! I’m not the best with Maze’s either…funny how kids love them though! #countrykids

  2. Blenheim Palace has so much to offer I’m not surprised it was easy to go two consecutive days. You’ve taken some lovely photos of the butterflys and Monkey having fun, thanks for sharing on Country Kids.

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