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I’m joining in again this week with The Gallery, I remembered!  This week’s theme is nature.  A perfect theme for me!

We were in Hunstanton last weekend – we went to the beach, more on that on Saturday but I was intrigued by these black rocks poking out between the white (chalk? clearly I’m not a geologist!) .  The cliffs looked amazing with the two-tone colour effect of the rocks.

Nature  Nature

We also explored the sugar beet fields on a walk in the country – autumn has certainly arrived.

Nature  Nature Nature

I love watching the natural world through the changing seasons, explaining to my young son – what is happening and why.  He’s getting far more observant now and asks lots of questions.  It’s great, I want him to appreciate the world around him, not to take it for granted, to enjoy it.


8 thoughts on “Nature – The Gallery

  1. Your photos are really interesting, things that I’ve never seen before. Is that a hole in the beach? like a shaft or something? and those plants have me wondering what they look like in summer

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