Nuffield Place

Nuffield Place #CountryKids

I’m taking you back to warmer days again today, back to our summer of fun from last year and a trip to Nuffield Place near Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.

Nuffield Place

Nuffield Place is a National Trust property that belonged to Lord Nuffield, the founder of the Morris Motor Company.  When I was looking for somewhere new to visit last year, as soon as I mentioned old cars, Daddy P’s ears shot up and off we went to explore.

There’s ample car parking as you arrive at Nuffield Place and then it’s a short walk up to the property. We passed the garage on the way and Daddy P had a good look at the old Wolseley that was taking a well-earned break within.

Nuffield Place

Monkey seems to share our love of old cars and was fascinated with the headlights on this beautiful car on the driveway.

We were given a map of the grounds and a timed ticket for entry to the house itself.  We’d arrived just around lunchtime so decided to make use of the tea room.  It’s not very large and was particularly popular when we visited.

Nuffield Place

There was a covered gazebo area in the gardens that you could also sit under and we were lucky to get a table right outside the tea room itself.  After a little wait, some lovely homemade sandwiches and soup arrived.  Just what was needed to refuel us ready for an afternoon of exploration.

We started in the house and children are given a number of picture cards to spot different objects around the house.  I love this idea as it means we get to spend more than a couple of seconds in each room with a young Monkey (4 at the time) who really just wants to explore the grounds!  Once he’d spotted all of the objects we went to the shop and exchanged the cards for a certificate and sticker.  Monkey was very impressed with himself.

Nuffield Place

Right Mummy, now it’s time to explore.  There are some gardens and then a nice wooded area to meander through.  Monkey was off.

Nuffield Place

Where to now?

Nuffield Place

Can you find me in this grass?

Nuffield Place

Look what I found to play in!  Think you might be a bit big Monkey, he didn’t care!

Nuffield Place

How many apples can you spot on the tree then Monkey?

Nuffield Place

Nuffield House isn’t massive and neither are the grounds, but if you have a couple of hours to spare it’s well worth a visit.  The bugs seem to like the flowers there for sure.

It’s certainly nice at this time of year to look back at the splashes of colour from a trip to Nuffield Place in the summer.

Nuffield Place

Nuffield Place

Nuffield Place is closed for the winter now, but reopens on 2nd March and we look forward to seeing the gardens in the Spring.


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31 thoughts on “Nuffield Place #CountryKids

  1. It may be small, but it looks beautiful, and it is lovely to see a splash of colour at the moment! Love that little car 🙂 #countrykids

  2. I’d heard of Nuffield Place, but never been there. I think my girls would love it too. Glad to see you all enjoyed it. #CountryKids

  3. What a lovely glut of colour to brighten this dull and blustery morning 🙂 Those cars look fab, so elegant x

  4. National Trust places are gret and I’d say Money is going to be just like my 5 boys who are all car obsessed. A great place to visiti and I look forward to seeing a spring post from there too, roll on the warmer weather! Thank you for joining me for Country Kids

  5. I wish that its summer now! I really miss photographing blooms! Seeing the colors and beaing able to move with less layers. Thanks for these photos. Just nice to see what the [summer] future holds =) #countrykids

  6. I can’t get over how, every time I visit your blog, your son looks like he’s grown so much! How time flies. Love the photos 🙂 #countrykids.

  7. It isn’t a place I’ve come across yet but it but I think mine would love it esp the old cars. Looks really interesting

  8. Some places are too big for the little ones and they soon get bored! This looks like a beautiful place to visit. Love y0ur photos, they are gorgeous.

  9. One of my favourite things about national trust houses/ gardens is the flowers and insects! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful splash of colour in this dreary winter!

  10. Another place I haven’t visited and I worked in Henley for a while a couple of years ago. It looks like a lovely day out x

  11. Looks lovely there and fun for children to explore. We are not too far away, so may have to investigate ourselves some time.

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