Revisiting Charlecote Park

Revisiting Charlecote Park #CountryKids

You may remember that we visited Charlecote Park earlier in the year and Monkey met Redpeffer and her family for the first time.  It seems so long ago now, and the children have since become firm friends.  So I couple of weeks ago we spent a Saturday revisiting Charlecote Park with our friends.  It’s a great half way point for us, and literally 5 minutes off the motorway for Monkey and I.

Revisiting Charlecote Park

It was decidedly frostier when we arrived this time around!  We were given a leaflet telling us about a number of Christmas themed activities that were being organised during the day.  The leaflet didn’t mention timings and one improvement I would suggest would be a bit of signage around the grounds to point people in the right direction.

Revisiting Charlecote Park

The leaves were just too inviting and we had to have a good kick around in our wellies and boots.  Monkey was in fits of laughter, it was a good way to start the day.  I tried and failed to get a photo of him catching leaves as I threw them in the air, but we had a bit of fun anyway.

Revisiting Charlecote Park

We’d had a text from Iona to let us know they were heading for the Orangery for a drink. Mummy can we have a cake? Ok, why not, let’s go!

Revisiting Charlecote Park

We met up with the others, had cake and a drink, a bit of a catch up and it was time to explore.  The deer weren’t too close at hand so we explored some of the grounds instead.

Revisiting Charlecote Park

The croquet lawn wasn’t looking quite as inviting as it did earlier in the year!

The croquet lawn wasn't looking quite as inviting as it did earlier in the year!

But there was certainly time for some running around in the garden.

We were all getting a little chilly so decided to head into the main house for a bit to warm up.  The Christmas Tree was up and everywhere looked rather festive.

Revisiting Charlecote Park

Monkey was getting hungry and I’d been totally disorganised, so we left the others and headed back to the Orangery to grab a sandwich and a hot drink.  As we arrived the brass band were outside playing Christmas Carols.  Although it was cold we both decided to sit outside, and eat our lunch whilst listening to the band – it was lovely.  A quick text to Iona and they were quick to join us.  We just needed the snow to start falling, it was just lovely.

By luck, we discovered that storytime was starting in the woodland area with free hot chocolate for the children.  Monkey decided he’d rather run around than listen so off he went, having fun.

Iona’s son was getting tired so he headed back to the car with his Dad, whilst the rest of us headed to the gatehouse to make some Christmas decorations.  Again, we found this by accident, so I’m sure others must have missed it completely.  Monkey and Iona’s daughter coloured in some wooden decorations for the Christmas tree.  I suggested that Monkey leave one for the tree at Charlecote but he was quite adamant that they both had to come home!  Ok, we’ll put them up on our tree next weekend.

We’d had a lovely day, the weather was starting to turn and we were all getting tired.  We said our goodbyes and headed home.  Revisiting Charlecote Park in December was wonderful, I can see this being a regular meeting up point in the months to come.

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7 thoughts on “Revisiting Charlecote Park #CountryKids

  1. Looks like a lovely day out – very frosty and wintry and I love the photo of the frosty leaves. That Christmas tree looks wonderful and story time with free hot chocolate sounds like fun! 🙂

  2. What an absolutely beautiful house and garden. I can see why you’d go back again and again. And as for that tree… Wow!! That’s how you do a Tree!! Beautiful photos and lovely post. #countrykids

  3. Oh, I remember your first trip here with Iona, lovely to see you all going back. I always think it’s lovely it see places in different seasons, and it does look beautiful in the winter. Love the frosty leaves 🙂 #CountryKids

  4. You did forget the mice! I love the frosty leaves photograph. As always, you took way more pictures than me-how do you do that?! We all loved our day and can see us meeting there often xx

  5. This looks like a fab place for you all to let off some steam and get some fresh air. I must say it does look beautiful in the frost, I’m sure it was almost magical sitting by the brass band in the frost. It’s a shame that there wasn’t enough organisation for the activities but it’s great you managed to get to a couple anyway! Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  6. This looks like a stunning property. Charlecote looks like the perfect place whatever the seasons – although I can see how different it would feel in winter to summer. I love the photo of the frost covered leaves… stunning. And so nice that you and Iona have become firm friends. #countrykids

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