Revisiting Green Dragon Eco Farm

Revisiting Green Dragon Eco Farm

Are you guilty of visiting somewhere, enjoying it, vowing to go back soon and then it never quite happens?  I know I am and this was proved once again when my son and I spent his recent inset day revisiting Green Dragon Eco Farm in Buckinghamshire.

Revisiting Green Dragon Eco Farm

It’s hard to believe that it has been over two years since we first visited the Green Dragon Eco Farm back in March 2017.  I’ve followed their expansion over that time and knew that we really needed to return.  My son had an inset day, I’d got the day off, the sun was shining so it seemed the perfect time to finally get back and spend some time with the animals.

You all know that I’m a massive big cat fan and I had heard that they will be introducing two male European Lynx to their Wildlife Zone in July.  I was hoping we’d have seen them on this visit, but I also knew that there were a number of new additions since our first visit anyway.

We arrived at opening time, which always goes down well with my son.  He isn’t a fan of crowds and likes to make his way around places without lots of people around him.  He never used to want to feed any animals, he’d just happily watch others, but on his last visit to this farm with friends, he’d had a go, so this time around he asked for a bag of feed for the sheep and goats straight away.  At 50p a bag he was soon heading off to the Animal Barn to see who was hungry.

He’s become much wiser with the amount of feed he’s handing out to each animal, knowing that there would be more hungry animals in the outdoor enclosures.  It was lovely to stand back and watch my son, so much more confident with farm animals these days.  He chatted away to them and made sure each animal got something.

We admired the goat kids cuddled up together and remembered the piglets we’d seen on our last visit, none to be found in July though.

Once outside he was soon off exploring in search of other animals to talk to.

Revisiting Green Dragon Eco Farm

My reluctant reader was actually reading all the information boards which told us about the animals in Pets Corner ranging from gerbils through to stick insects.  He then became chief spotter for us.

Revisiting Green Dragon Eco Farm

Back out in the sunshine, we walked through the Pygmy Goat Walk Through, making sure to keep the feed bag hidden as there was a notice saying that they were on a special diet.

My savvy son had held some of the feed back so he could cater to the animals in the outdoor enclosure and he was soon off on an adventure, taking his duty very seriously.

The Wildlife Zone and Reindeers have been added to the Eco Farm since our last visit, so we were eager to see those up close although my son decided that he didn’t want to listen to any of the talks that would be taking place during the day. One of those pre-teen moments.

The new European Lynx enclosure looks amazing, but the residents aren’t moving in until later on in July, so we missed them.

Revisiting Green Dragon Eco Farm

My standard lens doesn’t cope well with wire fencing close up so I didn’t capture the Wild Cat, Owls, Silver Fox, European Pole Cat and Birds of Prey that we saw.  The Red Squirrel was being very elusive which is a shame as my son hasn’t seen those before. It’s a lovely area though and a great addition to the farm, offering children the opportunity to see a number of different animals that they might not see in other farms and wildlife parks.

There’s a lovely play area with a sandpit, inflatable pillow and large climbing frame.  I can remember that the sandpit and sand diggers were a big hit with my son on our first visit, but it was the climbing frame that won out on this trip.

Revisiting Green Dragon Eco Farm would also see my son trying out their go-karts again.  Being the only school-age child there on our visit, he had the whole circuit to himself and we visited this area a number of times during our visit, he was in his element.

Revisiting Green Dragon Eco Farm

We were both really glad we’d spent inset day revisiting Green Dragon Eco Farm, and we won’t leave it so long for our next visit!

Have you been?

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6 thoughts on “Revisiting Green Dragon Eco Farm

  1. I’m definitely guilty of saying ‘we must come back here again soon’ and then ending up leaving it for a year or two, or even longer in some cases. This place you’ve been to seems really lovely, with a nice range of animals as well as go-karts and play areas, brilliant! So great to see your son enjoying himself and feeding the animals with such confidence. And reading all the signs, I love doing that too! The goat in your main picture is gorgeous xx #CountryKids

  2. This looks like a lovely farm to visit. I can relate to visiting places and meaning to go back but never quite getting around to it! Love how your son made sure he kept some of the animal food back for the animals in the outside enclosures. It’s a shame the red squirrels were elusive though – one to hopefully see next time along with the lynx. Thanks for sharing with #CountryKids

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