Spiders web

Spiders web

I’ve been really interested to see how much more interested my son is this year in the change in seasons.  Lots of questions, lots of observations.  Just generally more aware of the world around him.  A couple of mornings this week we’ve woken up to mist and everything covered in dew. As we walked to Nursery School and passed our neighbours’ garden hedges my son was fascinated by the spiders’ web we kept coming across.

We spent the rest of our walk to school, talking about why spiders spun their webs, my son thought it was a funny way for someone to catch their dinner!

Linking up with Country Kids with a spiders web.


17 thoughts on “Spiders web

  1. It’s a lovely questioning age where they are full of surprise and wonderment with the world around them! It’s not surprising that Monkey is fascinated with insects considering his Grandad’s interest. Thanks for linking up and sharing some fab photos with Country Kids.

  2. fantastic web pictures Mary, I love the one with the snail too. My eldest is fascinated by webs too. I love how simple little bits of nature can really engage them in so many questions.

  3. Lovely photos! We accidentally walked through one earlier today that was stretching across a road?! They are beautiful to look at when all dewy – fascinating to the boys 🙂

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