Sticks and cake at Waddesdon Manor

Sticks and cake at Waddesdon Manor

Sticks and cake at Waddesdon Manor

Knowing we would be indoors all day on Sunday at a museum, Monkey and I were both in need of some fresh air last Saturday.  We were somewhat relieved to see the rain clouds pass and blue skies emerge Saturday morning, so we packed up the car and headed out for some fun with sticks and cake at Waddesdon Manor.  Not totally believing that the fine weather would hold, we wore our waterproof gear and although the sun was shining it was still bitterly cold.

Waddesdon Manor drive

Monkey loves catching the shuttle bus from the car park up to the house, and he was even happier when he only had to share the journey with one other family.  It certainly was a rare sight to have this view to ourselves first thing in the morning.

We’re regular visitors to Waddesdon Manor, so Monkey knows his way around well.  This way Mummy, I want to see the birds.

Waddesdon Manor

He was off and eager to see if the light installations from Christmas were still in situ.  The tents had all been packed away. We visited the trees where Monkey and his Redpeffer friend had made a ‘camp fire’ last Autumn and imagined what the view will look like again in a few months time when the leaves are back on the branches.

Trees at Waddesdon Manor

The birds in the lovely Aviary were hiding from the cold, and as the various statues and fountains around the grounds are still covered, protecting them from the frosts, Monkey made the most of looking at the fountain, sheltered in the Aviary area.

Aviary Fountain at Waddesdon Manor

It wasn’t long until he was off again, this way Mummy, running on ahead, taking the lead.

Waddesdon Manor

One of the many things we love about Waddesdon Manor is it’s so easy to walk around, and the house is at the heart of everything.  I can remember the first time I visited with Daddy P when I first met him, I was blown away by the majesty of the building, to me it’s just magical, and I never tire of seeing it.  Monkey is just the same, to him it’s a fairytale castle.

Waddesdon Manor house

If you ever get the chance to visit this National Trust managed property on the edge of Buckinghamshire you won’t be disappointed.  The one thing I say to friends and family we take to look around, is to make sure they look up.  The detailing on the chimneys and towers at Waddesdon Manor is just beautiful.  If you don’t look up, you really do miss a treat.

We decided we’d head down to the Stables complex for a much-needed warm drink and a piece of cake.  After all we needed to celebrate Monkey losing his first tooth and full marks in his spelling test right?

Cake at Stables Waddesdon Manor

Once we’d warmed up and enjoyed our cakes, it was time for a trip along the nature trail and for Monkey to find some sticks.

Sticks and cake at Waddesdon Manor

We weren’t overly hopeful of finding any bugs, but just to be out in the fresh air on a bright January day was enough for us.

Puddles at Waddesdon Manor

Stick in hand, it was time for some muddy puddle action, they are just too tempting not to splash through aren’t they.

Running around Waddesdon Manor

There were stepping-stones to navigate and balancing to perfect.

Sticks and cake at Waddesdon Manor

We did call on the bug hotels but no-one was home, we’ll be back to say hello another day.

Spotting little dashes of colour here and there, the hope of warmer Spring days ahead and that the natural world is starting to wake up after a long slumber.

Sticks and cake at Waddesdon Manor certainly put a smile on Monkey’s face as we wandered around the grounds.

Sticks and cake at Waddesdon Manor

The nature trail goes round in a loop from the Stables complex, which is next to the outdoor play area.  Time for some more adventures.

We’d had a lovely few hours out in the fresh air, having an adventure in one of our favourite haunts, with a cake treat to add to the excitement.  We did also notice that down in the Stables complex there are now weekend activity sessions running for children priced at £2 per child, which we might try out on a future visit.

It makes so much difference getting outside at this time of year, even if it’s only for a few hours.  Where have you been exploring lately?



21 thoughts on “Sticks and cake at Waddesdon Manor

  1. We must’ve been there the same day as you, although we went in the afternoon and once the children found the huge slide with the brilliant echo we stayed there for some time!
    Waddesdon is beautiful and your photos of the Manor against the sunshine is stunning; it really is quite majestic
    Glad you managed to get out before the rains came; from the photos it looks like Monkey is really enjoying himself!

  2. What a wonderful day out – Waddesdon Manor is one of the places on my list to visit this year and it certainly looks like there is plenty of exploring to be done there! Monkey looks like he is having a wonderful time with sticks and on the play area and that piece of cake looks very yummy too! 🙂

  3. After reading your post, and before this comment, I quickly had to double check on a map how far Waddesdon Manor was from us as you definitely convinced me we need to visit. Sadly it’s too far for a day out but hoping to be nearish to the area this summer so will have to make a detour!

  4. A very happy sounding day and part of a lovely weekend too with the museum visit on the Sunday. I love the way Monkey is taking the lead here and knowing just where his favourite places are and how to get there. It must be wonderful to watch him developing as he grows up. Some lovely photos throughout but that first is my favourite, a beautiful capture. Thank you for sharing a hike around my local childhood National Trust place on #CountryKids.

  5. The building looks absolutely stunning! It’s so important to get out in the fresh air at this time of year and it looks like Monkey had a fantastic time. Boys just love their sticks, don’t they? A giant stick appeared in my garden yesterday. The only way it could have got there was by my 14yo son bringing it home from somewhere!

  6. What a beautiful place. I love seeing houses like these. We have a NT pass, we must check this one out. Looks like you had a lovely time out in the fresh winters air. #countrykids

  7. Beautiful photos! I do love the sound of sticks and cake 😉 Your photos makes me want to go out even in this rainy Saturday afternoon. #countrykids.

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