Stowe Gardens

Stowe Gardens #CountryKids

One of the places I was really looking forward to revisiting now we have rejoined the National Trust is Stowe Gardens.  I hadn’t been since the entrance location had changed and the cafe and toilet facilities had been upgraded.  The facilities had been in much need of updating.

So on a sunny day during the Easter holidays, I took Monkey to explore Stowe Gardens in Buckinghamshire for a couple of hours.  We found the new entrance and followed the signs to the large car park.  If you are not National Trust members you will need to pay a couple of pounds for parking.  We then walked through to the new facilities and stopped for a bite to eat in the new restaurant.  What a difference!  Much more as you would expect from a National Trust property, we sat at a table looking at some horses grazing.  Monkey loved the view.

Then it was time to explore, we’d been given a map on arrival and as we only had a couple of hours to spare.  We decided to walk around one the Octagon Lake and visit the Secret Garden.


Stowe Gardens was the first place Monkey ever visited.  He was 2 weeks old and we had a family outing with Daddy P’s family on Boxing Day, ice was thick on the ground, as we walked around the grounds.  He was about 8 months old the last time we visited, so he obviously couldn’t remember it at all.

Stowe Gardens

Mummy, I can see a bridge!!  He’d spotted the wooden bridge, wait until you see the Palladian Bridge Monkey.  He was off, enjoying himself, exploring somewhere new.

Stowe Gardens

There are little temples and interesting objects scattered all around Stowe Gardens, always a bench to find for a couple of minutes rest.  You can sit and watch the ducks and geese on the lakes or the sheep with their lambs at this time of year.  It’s the perfect place for a young explorer to have an adventure or two.

Stowe Gardens

It’s a wonderful place to lose yourself for a few hours, so much to see, so much to take in, especially for a 4 year old Monkey!

We walked around the painted Chinese House and walked over Brown’s Cascade and around the Secret Garden.  Then we wandered back and crossed the Palladian Bridge, and saw a couple of baby squirrels.  We stood, both mesmerised by these little animals for ages. They were just sat together, cuddled up on a tree trunk, it was wonderful to watch.

Then Monkey had a good look at the map – where shall we go, next Mummy?  Well, we have to get home to meet up with friends for dinner so we’ll cross the wooden bridge and head back home.

We’ll come back again another day, we have so much more to explore!

35 thoughts on “Stowe Gardens #CountryKids

  1. This sounds like an awesome trip and beautiful photos! I am always so in awe when I read about adventures in England.

  2. What a wonderful NT property to visit! I’m going to have to get a membership as soon as we move back! And gorgeous photos too.

  3. Stunning photos, really lovely. What a great place to visit! My 2 would love it! #CountryKids

    1. That’s why we let our membership lapse for a few years, but now I can see the benefits for Monkey, and we’ll make more than our money’s worth in visits, 4 in less than a month already.

  4. I’ve driven past signs to Stowe Garden so many times and keep on meaning to visit! Lovely photos, really must try to get there over the summer.

  5. I haven’t been to Stowe since we used to play sports matches against them at school. I always remember the boys used to get full hot team meals afterwards, and the girls would get boring sandwiches for ours!

    I’ve never been round the gardens though, and as it’s only 30 mins or so, we really should get over there. Guess there’s no excuse now we’ve got our membership!

  6. Great post, love all the pictures -looks like he had loads of fun! NT places are just fab 🙂

  7. What wonderful photos!
    I remember visiting Stowe some years ago, and hold it in my heart since –
    it is so very beautiful.
    So it was lovely to see your post – thanks for sharing!
    Emma 🙂

  8. As you say lots to see and explore, and not just for the little ones! What a beautiful bright Spring day for your visit and you have some lovely happy photos of Monkey having a great time. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  9. Beautiful photos of what looks like a lovely day out. So much for Monkey – and you – to enjoy and explore! x

  10. Oh how wonderful Mary, it looks amazing at Stowe Gardens. So much to see by the sounds of things too – you’ll love being members of the National Trust! Oodles to see 🙂

  11. What a wonderful day! Love all the photos, it really does look beautiful. Definitely one to revisit x

  12. Looks like such a beautiful place! It’s even more exciting to follow a map and explore a place.

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