Summer Play at the Seaside, Bournemouth

Summer Play at the seaside

I’m linking this post to Summer Play – Summer Play at the seaside.  My play post is inspired by a trip to Bournemouth we made on Sunday.  This was my son’s first trip to the beach, can’t believe it’s taken up over 3 and a half years to get him there!  Anyway, we arrived mid-morning and luckily for us it was easy to park and the beach wasn’t packed as I’d expected it to be.  Mind you it was rather windy and cloudy, which probably explained it.

He was in his element immediately, all that sand to play with, and all that water to jump in!  I have to admit that I left the jumping in the sea to Daddy P and him – I paddled but it was nowhere near warm enough for me to get in – I left my madmen to it!

ummer Play at the Seaside, Bournemouth, family fun

My son loved playing with the seaweed he found, whether it was slimy in the sea or all dried out on the beach.

Summer Play at the Seaside, Bournemouth

Then it was time for some serious sandcastle building, moat making and tunnel excavation.

Summer Play at the Seaside, Bournemouth

We all had a great time making our big sandcastle.  I was put to work making smaller sandcastles to go around the outside of the moat – ramparts no less.

When he was happy with his sandcastle he decided it was time to bury Daddy P in the sand, took me back to my own childhood with my Dad on the very same beach.

Summer Play at the Seaside, Bournemouth

We were very kind to Daddy P and only buried his legs – considering the size of him and his size 14 feet – this was task enough for him.

We then went shell hunting, he found a few lovely ones to get his collection started.  Then we decided to collect some pebbles (I use that term lightly as some were more small rocks!) and looked at the different colours and shapes – there were loads of different ones to choose from.

Summer Play at the Seaside, Bournemouth

It started to get a bit chilly in the afternoon, so we decided to say goodbye to the beach and headed off to Poole to check out the harbour.  But we’d all enjoyed some summer play at the seaside, and will be back again soon to have more fun.

Summer Play
Summer Play

20 thoughts on “Summer Play at the seaside

  1. I love seashell hunting at the beach. I used to love holding them up to my ear to see if we could hear the ocean!

  2. My children love going to the beach. M was a bit uncertain at the start of this year because he didn’t like his feet touching the sand, but he has got over that now. I think the experience is so freeing for them.

    Did you look at the yachts in Poole marina? We’ve been on two yachting holidays and I’ve always enjoyed staying there.

    1. I wondered how Monkey would be on the beach, but was fine with that. Yes, we had a good look around Poole Marina and it was an RNLI fundraising day so lots going on to keep him entertained there too.

  3. Looks like you all had a great time there. I haven’t been to Poole since I was on a school week away at 7. It was great – should go back some time.

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  5. Looks like Daddy is as enthusiastic about the sand castle as Monkey. It’s wonderful when men could be big kids themselves at times! 🙂

  6. What a lovely family day at the beach, perfect for making some great childhood memories for Monkey to treasure. It’s nice to see Daddy P having fun as well, thanks for sharing Monkey’s first beach adventures with Country Kids.

  7. We visit the sea quite regularly with Ethan but we never make a day of it to build sandcastles, etc. This is on our to do list. I’m glad you had lots of fun even if it did get a little cold.

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