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The best family friendly theatre shows in London – AD paid collaborative post

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The best family-friendly theatre shows in London for 2023

Seeking your next adventure in the capital with your family? You’re in the perfect place!

It’s no secret London is brimming with fantastic theatre shows that make a wonderful family day out. There are plenty of London theatre shows to make you laugh, smile, grab your face in surprise, thrill you, and create a day out together you won’t soon forget.

To help you and your family find the show you’ll all love, we gathered the best family-friendly
theatre shows all in one place. Take a look!

Mother Goose
When: Saturday 21st – Sunday 29th January 2023
Where: Duke Of York’s Theatre in London

Perfect for children of all ages, Mother Goose, by John Bishop and Ian McKellen, is both clever and funny, with lots in it for both the littluns and grownups. Described as a “cheeky fairytale”, the plot follows animals who work together to stop a witch from stealing golden
eggs. Teaching the little ones about love and how an unrelenting desire for greed and power can be destructive, it’s fun, hilarious, and teaches valuable lessons. If you fancy checking this out, be quick, as there are only a few days left to catch this tale.

Back To The Future – The Musical
When: Wednesday 23rd February – Sunday 16th April 2023
Where: Adelphi Theatre in London

One of the most legendary blockbuster films of the 80s will be revived in the theatre this year. The multi-award-winning musical will shoot you and your family back in time, following Marty McFly and his adventures in a time machine built by an eccentric scientist, Doc Brown.
Marty accidentally changes history and races against the clock to put everything back to normal. Recommended for children aged six and up, this performance, created by the industry’s most illustrious names makes for the perfect family day out with a gripping story
and wonderful songs.

Mrs. Doubtfire
When: Friday 12th May – Monday 14th August 2023
Where: Shaftesbury Theatre in London

After receiving standing ovations from sold-out crowds in Manchester, Mrs. Doubtfire is coming to London’s West End in 2023. Mrs Doubtfire is the alter-ego of an out-of-work actor who will do anything for his children. He dresses up as the Scottish nanny to stay in his
children’s lives following a messy divorce. With a team of incredible award-winning artists behind it, this hysterical and heartwarming comedy will leave the whole family in stitches while teaching the vital lesson that we should never let go of our loved ones.

Alice’s Adventures Underground
When: Wednesday 22nd March – Wednesday 28th June 2023
Where: Old Vic Tunnels in London

Recommended for those aged 11+, Alice’s Adventures Underground is an immersive show that fuses music, storytelling, puppetry, and circus. Everything is in your hands during this 90-minute adventure. You’ll wander around, exploring Wonderland, tackling puzzles to find
out what happened to Alice, who is lost in the looking glass. Will you eat or drink? Grow or shrink? Which path will you take? It’s entirely in your hands!

The Great British Bake Off Musical
When: Saturday 25th February – Saturday 13th May 2023
Where: Noel Coward Theatre in London

Britain’s favourite baking show has been transformed into a joyous, hilarious musical, welcoming you and your family to join in the fun. Follow bakers such as Hassan, a Syrian immigrant, as he sings about how baking made him feel like he belongs, and Italian lady
Francesca uses baking to overcome her struggles to get pregnant. Follow the baker’s journeys of friendship, love, and laughter with musical numbers in the Bake Off tent at the Noel Coward Theatre in 2023.

Jeff Wayne’s The War Of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience
When: Wednesday 23rd February – Saturday 28th January 2023
Where: 56 Leadenhall Street in London

Taking shows to the next level, The War Of Worlds invites you to journey through 24 interactive scenes with live actors, state-of-the-art virtual reality, and 5D (yes, 5D!) effects. Explore this jaw-dropping universe that’ll see you meet 300-foot-tall martian fighting
machines, witness a wild battle, sail the seas, ascend to Mars in a hot air balloon, and more. With Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds soundtracking it all, this is an adventure like no other.

Crazy For You
When: Saturday 24th June – Wednesday 20th September 2023
Where: Gillian Lynne Theatre in London

Crazy For You follows Bobby Child, a guy who’s crazy about the theatre – he’s torn between running the family business and pursuing his dreams. After traveling west to foreclose on a theatre’s mortgage, he falls in love with Polly, the theatre owner’s daughter. To save the
theatre, renew the town, and hopefully win Polly’s heart, Bobby puts on an extravagant show at the same theatre. Winner of several awards, including the prestigious Tony and Olivier awards, you’re guaranteed to adore this show about love and dreams.

Engrossing yourselves in other worlds and exploring stories is a fantastic way to spend a day with the family. Indulging your imagination and senses, captivating us in song, and sometimes educating us, the theatre is truly a brilliant treasure.

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