The Louis Bleriot Memorial

The Louis Bleriot Memorial #CountryKids

It’s always great when you are out and about to stumble on a little bit of history, totally by chance.  Last October we were staying on the outskirts of Dover for a long weekend to celebrate Daddy P’s birthday.  We’d spent a great day at Dover Castle (more on that in a future post) and had decided to visit the South Foreland Lighthouse before heading back to our caravan for dinner. On our way to the White Cliffs car park Daddy P spotted a sign that grabbed his attention.  Quite detour folks, we’re off to see the Louis Blériot Memorial.

I have to be honest, I was non the wiser.  Daddy P is mad about anything to do with aviation and was quick to inform me that Louis Blériot was the first person to fly across the English Channel in an aeroplane.  Cue aviation history conversation between him and Monkey.

The Louis Bleriot Memorial

The Louis Blériot Memorial is free to visit and has its own car parking facility (also free). It’s set in woodland behind Dover Castle on the spot where Louis Blériot landed on 25th July 1909 in Northfall Meadow.

The Louis Bleriot Memorial

We had no idea what to expect but Monkey was off on an adventure.

The Louis Bleriot Memorial

What are we going to see Mummy?  I have no idea Monkey, but that’s the fun isn’t it.  I can see something through the trees!

The Louis Bleriot Memorial

Mummy I can see a plane.

The Louis Bleriot Memorial

We read the information board and discovered that a life-size stone silhouette of Blériot’s aeroplane had been set into the ground on the spot where he had landed in 1909.  I think Monkey was a little disappointed not to see a real aeroplane.  But that was short-lived when he realised he could run around the stone version.

The Louis Bleriot Memorial

Daddy P was really happy with our discovery and it was nice for us to find this little historical treasure.

The Louis Bleriot Memorial

If we’d had more time we would have explored the woodland as there appeared to be a few different trails and benches dotted around.  But the thrill of a first lighthouse visit was waiting, another adventure for Monkey.

He was off again!

The Louis Bleriot Memorial

Monkey sped back to the car pretending to be an aeroplane.  It had been an interesting excursion to the Louis Blériot Memorial and Monkey and I had had a history lesson too.

Have you heard of Louis Blériot or been to the memorial yourselves?

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23 thoughts on “The Louis Bleriot Memorial #CountryKids

  1. I love it when you come across something unexpected and have an interesting little detour like this! Love the photos of Monkey running, looks like he was having a great time! #countrykids

  2. Yeah – this is exactly the walk I could inspire my husband to join us on as he’d be talking up aviation history galore!

  3. Monkey looks like he had a wonderful time and I love it when things like this are stumbled upon on days out. Nice to learn a bit of history in the process too! 🙂 #CountryKids

  4. That looks like a really interesting spot all round. Louis Bleriot was a bit of a hero of mine as a child-such an amazing achievement.

  5. Well you have taught me something too! I do love it when a trip out throws up a bonus visit too, this looks fascinating and all the more interesting as it was all a discovery along the way. I hope the lighthouse was a success too, I want to go back to the one at Plymouth for a tour. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids

  6. Looks like an interesting place to visit. I am not to familiar with Louis Bleriot to be honest…will be interesting to read about him. xx

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