Thick Oozy Mud

Thick Oozy Mud

Off we went to the woods one day, would we see a Gruffalo?  Would we see a Stick Man or would we go on a Bear Hunt in the thick oozy mud?

Thick Oozy Mud Thick Oozy Mud

This oozy mud, squelch squerch! This oozy mud  Why go round it when you can go right through it!

Last Saturday morning the sun was shining but rain was forecasted for the afternoon.  Monkey and I decided that a trip to a nearby Woods run by The Woodland Trust was in order.  So with our wellies and waterproofs off we went for a walk through the deep but not always so dark wood.

We’ve been to this Woods a couple of times in the past with friends, but never alone, and we’ve always done the same route.  So this time we thought we’d get a little bit lost.  We came to a crossroads in the track and decided to turn left instead of right.  Monkey needed a bit of convincing, but the Woods aren’t massive, I knew we couldn’t get too lost, or we’d end up on the M40!

We looked at the moss, the fungi and the beautiful trees.

Thick Oozy Mud   Thick Oozy Mud  Thick Oozy Mud Thick Oozy Mud

We had a wonderful few hours in the thick oozy mud, looking at nature, going for a walk, having fun in the outdoors.  At one point we did get worryingly close to the motorway services and Monkey was getting tired.  I didn’t really fancy giving him a piggy back with those muddy wellies on.  But he was a little trooper, we keep on the path with the motorway noise behind us, we found our way back to the car park, he  was one happy little Monkey.

We picked a few things up along the way, I’d be inspired by a post from Winegums & Watermelons to make some Ice Suncatchers.  More on that later.

If only his mother had remembered to leave shoes for us both in the car!  We were covered in thick oozy mud.  Luckily I could take Monkey’s wellies off along with his waterproof trousers and get him in his car seat.  My pedals and foot well are now in need of a good old clean!  Never mind, we had a lovely morning out, didn’t spend a penny, just walked and explored.

In the afternoon the heavens opened, we’d timed our #CountryKids time in the thick oozy mud just right!

34 thoughts on “Thick Oozy Mud

  1. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a muddy day. Love the photos of Monkey’s boot squishing into the mud. Last time we went on a muddy walk, my kiddo practically rolled in the mud. Eh, they are only little for a short time and mud is so much fun.

  2. What a perfect post for the Coombe Mill Linky. It seems to have been a wet January everywhere!

  3. Wow that mud looks amazing! Lol! Some beautiful pictures and I’m excited to see what you do with the bits you picked up 🙂 xx

  4. You certainly timed your adventure right! What a great place to explore and collect some treasures for your ice suncatchers – I look forward to reading about them. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  5. Love a bit of thick oozy mud, saw quite a lot today! What a fabulous place for a walk though Mary, it sounds wonderful there and such great photos. Perhaps its an age thing but I’m developing a fondness for trees and I love that bright green moss!

    Saw your note about Wisley, the butterflies at the Glasshouse is an event that’s only on once a year. It’s open until early March I think, if you go at the weekend book a time slot!

  6. Your brave, I can imagine Mister B falling over in that but I know my 2 would love trudging through the mud! You’ve got some fantastic photo’s there of the nature – looks like you both had a wonderful afternoon in the woods!

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