Thomas & Friends Tale of the Brave

Thomas & Friends Tale of the Brave

Two weeks ago saw us heading down to London with a very excited Monkey.  It may have been pouring down with rain but nothing was going to dampen his spirits.  We were off to the premiere of Thomas & Friends Tale of the Brave.

Thomas & Friends Tale of the Brave

It was going to be Monkey’s second trip to a cinema, and a premiere was a new experience for all of us.  We couldn’t persuade Monkey to stand with Thomas on our way into the cinema in Leicester Square – he was in too much of a hurry.

Thomas & Friends Tale of the Brave

Once inside we were treated to some entertainment before being taken into the screening of Thomas & Friends Tale of the Brave.

So how was the film?  Monkey was hooked from the start and didn’t move a muscle the whole way through it.  This may well have been helped by the introduction of some new Steamies – Marion the Steam Shovel – Digger Mummy!, Gerald AKA Gator who has a sloping water tank, Timothy and a new Crane called Reg who works in the Scrapyard.

Thomas & Friends Tale of the Brave finds Thomas working in the Clay Pits, he is warned to be careful as a storm is approaching and the rain can make the cliffs unstable. Thomas survives a narrow escape thanks to Bill and Ben but he’s sure he spotted giant footprints in the cliffs above him.  A landslide means he can’t go back to check things out in more detail.

Marion the chatterbox Steam Shovel is sent to clear the track, she was a big hit with Monkey.  A steamie who digs and loves talking about digging, a train after Monkey’s heart.

When Thomas tells Percy about his sighting, his friend worries that there is a monster on the Island of Sodor.  We follow the friends as Percy becomes very scared of going out in the dark, runs from the new engine Gator, thinking he is a monster.

James is a naughty friend and teases Percy about being scared of the monster. Percy realised that Gator is actually a friend, not a foe, and Gator helps him overcome his fear to become a brave little engine.

We all enjoyed Thomas & Friends Tale of the Brave – and you can catch the trailer here.

The film is showing in Vue cinema’s from today, 22nd August through to 28th August. Then Thomas & Friends™: Tale of the Brave will be released on DVD on 1st September, it will be available in all good retailers with an RRP of £12.99.

If you’d like to find out more about the film Tale of the Brave, and the new characters, then pop over to  the Thomas & Friends website.

We can thoroughly recommend it and I’m sure the DVD will be making its way here shortly.

disclaimer:  we were given free tickets to the premiere and a wonderful goodie bag each, in exchange for an honest review of this release.

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