Two sides to Waddesdon Manor #CountryKids

Two sides to Waddesdon Manor #CountryKids

If you are a regular reader here you will know that we love to get out and about whenever we can.  One of our favourite places is the National Trust property Waddesdon Manor, near Aylesbury.  We’re lucky, it’s not too far from home, so we can pop over for an hour or two whenever we can.  We did just that a few weeks ago around lunchtime and soon realised we would need to make a return visit later in the day!  Just now there are two sides to Waddesdon Manor!

So what am I talking about?  Well, I’ll start at the beginning.  A few weeks back we all needed a bot of fresh air so we decided to pop over to Waddesdon Manor to blow away the cobwebs.

Two sides to Waddesdon Manor

Something caught Monkey’s attention and he was off.

Two sides to Waddesdon Manor

He’d spotted something in the distance.  It is a spaceship Daddy?  I don’t think so Monkey.

Two sides to Waddesdon Manor

We soon discovered that from 12th November Waddesdon Manor are hosting Winter Light at Waddesdon with Bruce Munro.  There were seven different Light Installations dotted around the gardens.  Of course we’d arrived at lunchtime and we soon discovered that the Winter Light displays weren’t switched on until 4pm.  Never mind we will have to come back another day and we can compare the views Monkey.

Two sides to Waddesdon Manor – by day and by night!

We were all fascinated by this first light installation – you may recall I used a photograph for my #bwphotoproject post a few weeks back.  It’s great to introduce Monkey to different ideas and we probably don’t do enough when it comes to the arts in general.

Two sides to Waddesdon Manor

Can we see some more?  Of course, let’s have a good look round.  Can you imagine my tractor mad son’s delight when we came across these?

Two sides to Waddesdon Manor

Mummy – Hay Bales!!!   Uum, do you know Monkey, they look like them but I think they might be something else.  I wonder what happens when it gets dark?

We continued our wander through the grounds imagining how our view would be different in the dark.

Two sides to Waddesdon Manor

After a cup of hot chocolate in The Stables cafe it was time to explore the nature trail and do a bit of bug hunting.

Two sides to Waddesdon Manor

The mist was coming down and it was time to head home but we knew we’d be back soon.

Two sides to Waddesdon Manor

Last Sunday we had our Advent dinner at lunchtime and headed over to Waddesdon Manor mid afternoon.  It was considerably busier than normal.  It was the first time we’ve visited later in the day, and when the Christmas market was running.  We eventually found a parking space and joined the queue for the shuttle bus.  We didn’t have to wait very long before our bus turned up, and we were off to see a different side to Waddesdon Manor.

Two sides to Waddesdon Manor

We had a look round the stalls in the Christmas market, had a hot chocolate to warm us up and before we knew it, it was getting dark.

Two sides to Waddesdon Manor

We were ready to see the other side of Waddesdon Manor – this time in the dark.

We had a wonderful couple of visits seeing two sides to Waddesdon Manor and Monkey loved every minute of it.

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11 thoughts on “Two sides to Waddesdon Manor #CountryKids

  1. Love seeing the difference between day and night – I’m now crazy about night light shows after visiting one ourselves this week.

  2. How amazing does that look?? I love how the NT are moving on and encouraging a variety of art and installations. We’re thinking of the night walk at Tyntesfied but fear I’ve left it too late to organise and book. Waddeson looks fantastic!

  3. That looks so magical, what a wonderful place to visit and I can see why you like it there so much. Those lights look amazing 🙂

  4. I was just reading how Emma at (@Etusty) failed to get a ticket to see this one as they had all sold out. It looks like a magical display, I’m glad someone got to see it and share some photos as I was curious! It must be something they have begun in recent years as I don’t remember it from when I grew up around there. I love how you first saw the set up during the day, it must have built the excitement to return and see the night time display. It looks really magical, thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

  5. Wow, looks amazing. Bet the outside plus inside must be beautiful. Next year, I’m definitely booking tickets, and will have to do a late afternoon slot instead of going early in the day.

  6. Ooh, the evening lights look good. There’s something magical about light installations in the winter. #countrykids

  7. Wow, that looks fabulous! Wonderful to see it day and night. I particularly like the big dome of empty bottles, beautiful. #CountryKids

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