Winter wonderland adventures in Salcey Forest #weloveforests

Winter wonderland adventures in Salcey Forest #weloveforests

When your 6 year old son wakes you up bright and early on a Sunday morning, shouting ‘Mummy it’s snowed, EVERYWHERE!’ you know you’ve timed things just right for some Winter wonderland adventures in Salcey Forest. We’d been wanting to try out the Stick Man Trail since it was launched at the back-end of last year by the Forestry Commission, and were looking at different sites to explore.  We do love Wendover Woods as you all know, but I’d heard some great things about Salcey Forest in Northamptonshire, including talk of a Tree Top Walk.

Salcey Forest in the snow

We packed our wellies and waterproofs and set off to have some adventures in the snow. Monkey was beyond excited as you can imagine. Salcey Forest is well signposted and offers ample Pay and Display parking, information point with trail maps, along with a cafe and toilet facilities.

Salcey Forest maps

You can pick up a Stick Man Trail activity pack from the cafe for £3.00 and the start of this specific trail is close by.

Stick Man Trail activity pack

Monkey loves the Julia Donaldson book and we were one of the thousands of families across the country who were glued to the TV over Christmas, watching the Stick Man animation.  Can we find the Stick Man today in all this snow? Let’s find out.

Salcey Forest Stick Man Trail

Monkey was off, looking for footprints, looking for clues.  This way Mummy.

Running in the snow Salcey Forest

We decided fairly early on that collecting sticks, Monkey’s normal favourite activity, might be best left for another day.  They all seems to be hiding in the snow, so for today’s adventure we would maximise on the winter wonderland we found ourselves in.  We’d wander along the Stick Man trail but we’d also enjoy our own activities.

Footprints in the snow Salcey Forest

As we found each Stick Man character Monkey and Daddy P ticked them off on our tracker sheet.  We looked at all of the activities and learnt about the animals in winter time.  Could we see any today?  On a different day, in different conditions, Monkey would have spent hours making a Stick Tower, especially as the Stick Man Trail Tracker sheet has a ruler so he could measure how tall it was.

As well as the Stick Man Trail our Winter wonderland adventures in Salcey Forest would include making snowballs and snowmen, as well as spotting some rather wonderful ones that had been made for us, making snow angels and snow potatoes!  What do you mean, you’ve never heard of a snow potato?!  Over to the expert – Monkey:  Mummy a snow potato is like a snowball but it has mud on it too.  There you go, lesson learnt for the day.

We even had time for some hide and seek fun along the way.

Hide and Seek at Salcey Forest

As well as some much-needed snow clearance.

Snow fun at Salcey Forest

Something we were all excited to try out was the Tree Top Walk.  Monkey and I had really enjoyed our adventures on the one at Kew Gardens, so we were eager to try this one at Salcey Forest with Daddy P.

Even in the snow, we saw families with buggies enjoying the Salcey Forest Tree Top Walk as the majority of the trail is on sloping walkways.  This actually makes it a great adventure for more unsure children like Monkey, as they are in the tree tops before they’ve realised it.  To reach the very top look out tower, you do need to climb two lots of stairs, Monkey decided against this, so Daddy P and I took turns enjoying the snow laden forest rooftop and the views beyond.  It will be a magical walk to complete at different times in the year, and then compare the photos.

On another visit we will definitely explore the trails at Salcey Forest, which range from ¾ up to 6 miles in length.  We also spotted a cycle trail.  For those with a braver heart than Monkey and I there is also a bookable High Ropes Tree Ninja adventure area.

Our Winter wonderland adventures in Salcey Forest provided hours of fun and frolics in the snow.  We all had a great time and will definitely return again to explore the area in more detail.  I can also thoroughly recommend the cafe’s Hot Chocolate – the best I’ve had in a long time.

There’s something rather magical for us when we see snow isn’t there.  It’s so rare to get a proper covering, and so beautiful when you get to experience it in the countryside.

To find out about your nearest Stick Man Trail location and to learn more about the Forestry Commission sites in your area pop over to the Forestry Commission website.  We love getting outdoors and exploring, and Salcey Forest has become a new family favourite destination.

disclaimer: we were given free parking and a Stick Man trail pack in exchange for an honest review.

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24 thoughts on “Winter wonderland adventures in Salcey Forest #weloveforests

  1. The forest looks magical in the snow – what lovely photos! Looks like a great day out. We haven’t had any snow yet and the kids are gutted – they’re currently totally obsessed with looking at everyone else’s on Instagram!

  2. Salcey Forest is on our to do list and this has definitely persuaded me that we must visit soon! Great that you went out despite the snow – lots of fun! We did the Stick Man Trail at Wendover Woods this week! Great fun. #CountryKids

  3. I adore this idea and your fun photographs of your time enjoying the activity! Great to get outdoors, no matter the weather, and make the most of it in such a fun, positive way. You take beautiful photos too.

  4. What a beautiful experience, it really does look like a winter wonderland! I bet you were all in awe at how white and peaceful it looked. Monkey’s got the biggest grin on his face throughout these photos which is fab, although my favourite ones have to be of him making snow angels. I love the idea of Snow Potatoes too, definitely the perfect name for muddy snowballs. Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  5. Wow, the woods look so magical clothed in snow! 🙂 It doesn’t snow down here where we live in Cornwall. We actually had to drive all the way to Dartmoor for T to experience it. Love the photos 🙂 #countrykids.

  6. We’ve only done the Gruffalo trail at Salcey but haven’t been back. Looks so pretty in the snow, and probably a lot less busy than when we went. Depending on the trail difficulty, we might even take bikes next time if I get a car rack for mine. We didn’t do the tree top walk because N was a bit young then, but sounds like a great idea – definitely a place to return to.

  7. Trees really do look magical in the snow don’t they? What a perfect day for your visit 🙂 Monkey looks like he is having the best time!

  8. This winter wonderland adventure looks just amazing – just enough snow to make it magical but not too much to make it impossible to enjoy! We did the Stick Man trail at Wendover and the children loved it; although we did collect a massive pile of sticks!

  9. What a fantastic day out it looks like you had. I am really jealous of that snow, we didn’t get any. The stickman trail sounds like fun and I know my children would have enjoyed playing in the snow too. #CountryKids

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