Rhino Hunting

Rhino Hunting!

I have been missing in action from What’s the Story?  for ages, hopefully I’m back on top of things now (well nearly!), so here I am.  Today I’m talking about Rhino Hunting!

Rhino Hunting

In June 2010 I took Monkey to Whipsnade Zoo for the first time.  We met one of my Dad’s cousins there who is a regular visitor.  She showed Monkey and I around.  He was such a good boy, just 6 months old and growing fast!

We’d had really good weather all day, I’d started weaning Monkey, so we had a picnic lunch, went on the train and he took in all the views from his pram.  Towards the end of the day we visited the Asian Rhino’s.  You could stand above their enclosure and look down on them in their paddock.  As we did just that, one of the Rhino’s started snorting and Monkey replied.  They seemed to have their own little conversation going on.  It had both J and I in fits of laughter.  It made the day.

So before we left the Zoo at the end of the day, we visited the shop and J wanted to buy him a present for being such a good boy.  There really was only one thing to buy him. His very own Rhino, so Monkey could go Rhino hunting whenever he liked.

He would spend ages grappling with his new furry friend; in 3 years that Rhino has never been far from Monkey.

Since 2010, we’ve met cousin J, at Whipsnade Zoo every year.  It’s a tradition now, we all love it there.  Although Monkey can’t remember his first visit, he definitely still loves the Rhinos.  We always have to visit them.  He still loves his soft toy Rhino too, and he guards over Monkey in bed every night.

We visited Whipsnade Zoo over the last half term and I’ll be sharing some photos on a post soon, but just for Monkey here are his beloved Rhinos.

Rhino Hunting

Rhino Hunting


24 thoughts on “Rhino Hunting!

  1. Such a cute picture, but I didn’t recognise monkey as I don’t think I have seen a baby photo before. The zoo is such a great place to visit, and its lovely that you have a soft spot for rhinos. 🙂

  2. It’s so lovely that he goes rhino spotting regularly and that you go the zoo every year. LP has always been keen on monkeys!

  3. That’s such a sweet story, and he looks so adorable! It was a great idea to buy him the rhino toy, does he still have it?

  4. What a lovely story 🙂 We love our local zoo, though Arthur doesn’t have any clear favourites quite yet!

  5. Such an adorable photo of Monkey Mary and what a wonderful story. I used to visit Whipsnade a lot as a child but we’re not far away again now so it’s at the top of my list! Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  6. How lovely! We have a few toys bought after trips to the zoo/museum/aquarium, all of the favourite animal of the day, they remain the most popular of the soft toys in the house 🙂 Love the rhino x

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