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Scared of spiders? Not us, we’ve got an Entomologist in the family :)

When you’re a child you don’t really appreciate how your parents’ interests can impact on your life. I haven’t got my Mum’s green fingers and I’ve no interest in being a football referee like Dad but I have taken a few things onboard. I have learnt so many things from… Continue reading »

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Painting my nails – how rare is that these days!!??

Spring snaphappybritmums :)


Lice – at Pre-school

Ok, so I’m normally fine with creepy crawlies, my Dad is a very keen Entomologist, so I grew up surrounded by stick insects, beetles, caterpillars and all sorts of other insects and the like. But head lice have always filled me with dread. I can remember being at work years… Continue reading »

An afternoon with the train set :)

When Monkey came home from pre-school today he was still full of yesterday’s trip to STEAM so after lunch we decided to get the wooden train set out and make a mega track. I’ve loved train sets since I was a child.  My Dad used to have a Hornby train… Continue reading »