Spring snaphappybritmums :)


Lice – at Pre-school

Ok, so I’m normally fine with creepy crawlies, my Dad is a very keen Entomologist, so I grew up surrounded by stick insects, beetles, caterpillars and all sorts of other insects and the like. But head lice have always filled me with dread. I can remember being at work years… Continue reading »

An afternoon with the train set :)

When Monkey came home from pre-school today he was still full of yesterday’s trip to STEAM so after lunch we decided to get the wooden train set out and make a mega track. I’ve loved train sets since I was a child.  My Dad used to have a Hornby train… Continue reading »

A trip to STEAM – choo! choo!

We all love trains in this house, so when Monkey’s Godmummy suggested meeting up at STEAM – Museum of the Great Western Railway, in Swindon we thought it was a great idea. Swindon is just over an hour away from us, and we set off yesterday morning in Oxfordshire’s unexpected… Continue reading »

Cardboard boxes – great value entertainment and FREE :)

We all spend so much money on presents for our kids but they still get the best entertainment value out of a free, empty, cardboard box – perhaps this should tell us something! Our current, resident cardboard box has spent most of the week being a train or a bus… Continue reading »

Daffodils – My Mother’s Day flowers at their best