Sensory play – Playdoh, Rosemary and some pennies

It’s been a funny week this week, with the weather, Monkey not feeling too well and lots of sad things happening. To lighten the mood we had a Playdoh session – adding Rosemary to make it smell and burying pennies in it so we can dig up buried treasure. Monkey… Continue reading »

Do you have a childhood collection?

Do you have a collection of something that you started as a child?  This is a little post about mine. In August 1980 my best friend went to Ireland for her summer holiday with her family, and she sent me a postcard.  Little did she know that that postcard would… Continue reading »

A week to forget

This has not been a good week: Monday – poorly Monkey Tuesday – funeral of my best friend’s father, his death was sudden and a great shock to all Wednesday – poorly Monkey again Thursday – hearing that a little 2-year-old girl has been found dead.  I know the Mum. … Continue reading »

Walking on the bottom of the sea – me???

Walking on the bottom of the sea

If you’ve read my previous post you will know that I have a rather big fear of water. So walking on the bottom of the sea – me??? Hardly likely! I’ve been going through all my old photographs recently, (there are 1000’s) trying to make some space on our bookshelves… Continue reading »

Big! – a book review

We were lucky enough to win a copy of Big by Tim Hopgood thanks to a Tidy Books competition, and we’ve enjoyed it so much I thought I’d share my thoughts. Big! is a lovely story of a little boy anxious to grow up as soon as possible. He has a… Continue reading »

Time to say goodbye

Today is the funeral of my best friend’s Father.  She is one of Monkey’s Godparents.  It’s a sad fact that Monkey will have been to more funerals in his 3 short years, than I had been to in the first 25 years of my own life. I’ve tried to explain… Continue reading »