We’ve had Brewster a whole year!

I can’t quite believe it, but we’ve had Brewster a whole year now.  He moved in with us on 11th August last year and has certainly settled in well.  My curtains haven’t survived him quite so well, and he had great fun destroying playing with the Christmas Tree. I’ve always… Continue reading »

Messing around at the Palace

We had absolutely no plans for today when we woke up this morning.  It was actually quite nice to have nothing to rush off to, no pressure to get fed, dressed and out the door.  A rare event in this household.  So what shall we do today Monkey?  Up to… Continue reading »

Have you heard about the pencil who wants to be a plant?

Plant your pencil, herb

No I’m not going mad, well only slightly, but that’s a different post!  Have you heard about the pencil who wants to be a plant?  No?  Well neither had I until recently when BritMums made me aware of a review request from Plant Your Pencil.  I was intrigued, as you… Continue reading »

Feeding birds safely in the garden

As you know from a previous post on how to attract birds to your garden, I’m keen to encourage birds into my garden and for Monkey to appreciate the different species that are local to us.  I do have to think about feeding birds safely in the garden, with a… Continue reading »

RSPB – ‪#‎homesfornature‬ weekend challenge – build a Hedgehog home #beasts

So last weekend’s challenge set by the RSPB Giving Nature a Home campaign – #homesfornature weekend challenge – build a hedgehog home.  We had a busy weekend lined up so I knew that if we could manage this challenge , it would be on a week day. We needed to… Continue reading »