Quick & easy dinner from ilumi – also nut, gluten & milk free

Fancy a quick & easy dinner from ilumi – also nut, gluten & milk free? I’m very lucky that I can eat anything and suffer no ill effects.  Sadly I have a number of friends who suffer from coeliac disease and my oldest friends daughter has a number of food… Continue reading »

Wake Up Do, Lydia Lou! – a book review

Last month saw the latest Julia Donaldson book published by PanMacmillian – Wake Up Do, Lydia Lou! Monkey absolutely loves every Julia Donaldson book we own, so I was pretty confident that this was likely to be a winner.  I wish I was young enough to have read her books… Continue reading »

Cable & Cotton – a string of lights

I’m always looking for something to brighten up our home and was intrigued when we were asked to try a string of lights from Cable & Cotton. Have you heard of them? The ‘Cable’ aspect of our product is a transparent string of either 20 bulbs (length of lamps 140cm)… Continue reading »

A bit of paint fun

Last week Monkey finished at his current pre-school and we needed to think of something to give to a couple of the key workers. I’m not a great fan of this new fad of presents for everyone, so decided on making something more personal with my little man. We decided… Continue reading »

Ryvita – a new generation of healthy snacks

I love Ryvita!  I’ve loved the Original Ryvita crispbreads since I was child, my Mum was a big fan, and we often had Ryvita at snack time.  I am still addicted to Marmite with my Ryvita. Actually I quite like eating them with nothing on them at all! I don’t… Continue reading »

Avalanche Fruit Stand – a game review for Learning Resources

Daddy P comes from a long line of Greengrocers and we’ve always made a point of sharing his family history with Monkey.  I love games, toys and books that relate to our family – whether it be a love of nature or the ‘family business’.  When Learning Resources asked me… Continue reading »