Goodbye little red car – beep beep #TheThemeGame

Goodbye little red car

This post goes back to March last year and is one of the first posts I shared on the blog, this post always reminds me of how much Monkey has grown up.  I’m linking this post up to The Theme Game this week, with Redpeffer and The Reading Residence, two… Continue reading »

A Trip to the Palace …… Blenheim Palace

More fun at the Palace

We are so lucky to have Blenheim Palace on our doorstep. Saying that, I’d only visited once before Monkey arrived, but have certainly made up for it since! Our NCT group made it our weekly Monday meet up, and we had a picnic there pretty much every week from March-October… Continue reading »

Our ‘crafty’ afternoon – my kind of gardening

With Granny’s birthday coming up we thought we’d try to do something artistic (not something that comes naturally to Mummy).  Granny loves flowers and her garden; living in Southern Spain has not dampened her enthusiasm for all things floral.  I, unfortunately don’t have her green fingers. So our crafty afternoon… Continue reading »

Mummy I need to saw your arm off!

Mummy I need to saw your arm off

I picked Monkey up from pre-school this morning – it was lovely, he ran straight into my arms and gave me a big kiss and cuddle 🙂  He was eager to get home as it is our rubbish collection day – he’s on first name terms with all the binmen…. Continue reading »

The joy of reading with my Monkey :)

Digger Driving

I can’t imagine a life without books; I’ve been surrounded by them for as long as I can remember.  When my brother and I were small we regularly visited our local library with my Mum and I have been a bookworm ever since. Long before I ever dreamt of having… Continue reading »

What a lucky day!

What a lucky day

They say things come in three’s, and today has definately proved that saying right. Firstly, I had entered a Twitter competition with Ladybird over the weekend and today I heard that they had reached their 6000 follower target and I had been selected as one of fifteen followers to receive… Continue reading »