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5 Star Drywipe and Cork BoardI love having photographs around the place, I like being reminded of happy memories.  I’ve run out of windowsill space so when I was asked to review the 5 Star Drywipe and Cork Board with Shoplet UK recently, I knew what I could do with it.

5 Star Drywipe and Cork Board The 5 Star Drywipe and Cork Board measures 60cm W x 40cm H x 1.5cm D and is split half cork/drywipe board as you can see in the photograph above.  It comes with fixings, a marker pen, a few pins and is framed in pine.

I decided that I’d use the cork side of the board to hold photos, I didn’t want special photos to have pin marks so I used ribbons to secure them.

5 Star Drywipe and Cork Board 5 Star Drywipe and Cork Board

I had some extra pins to finish securing the ribbons for this part of the board.

I’ve wanted to have a drywipe board for a while so Monkey and I can focus on Letters.  Today we decided to look at the beginning of the alphabet and Monkey came up with words that began with certain letters.  I was then tasked to draw them.  I am blatantly not an artist as you can see.  But having the drywipe board is great, I can easily rub out my masterpieces and start again!

5 Star Drywipe and Cork BoardIt was a great way to get Monkey to concentrate on his letters, without him thinking that he was ‘learning’! I’ve decided not to hang my 5 Star Drywipe and Cork Board up as I want to be able to use the Drywipe board a lot over the coming weeks.  It’s kept up on a unit, visible to Monkey, but out of his reach.  Don’t want any accidents with the pins!

5 Star Drywipe and Cork BoardThe only problem with this board is the lack of storage for the marker pen.  It would work so much better if there was a holder or a clip on the side of the board.  It’s all too easy to lose this sort of pen.  I’d also want it out of Monkey’s reach, in case he decided to have a Picasso moment across the walls!  Other than that, for less than £7.00 you can’t really complain. The finish is good, and it’s robust.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item for the purpose of review, our comments however, remain our own honest opinions



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