A Better Man

A Better Man – BritMums Book Club


After a couple of historical novels I was in need of a lighter read, so jumped at the opportunity to try the latest offering from the BritMums Book Club.  A Better Man, written by Leah McLaren sounded rather intriguing.

A Better Man

The story introduces us to Maya and her husband Nick.  Both had successful high-flying careers and were very much in love and then they had twins.  Maya goes from being a top-flight lawyer to a real earth mother. She stays at home with the children and a nanny, and her world is totally focussed on them, their needs and she becomes rather obsessed with ‘clean living’.  Her husband meanwhile is obsessed with work and doesn’t share the same bond with Isla and Foster at all.

At the start of the book, although I thought Maya was a bit OTT in her mother techniques, I was firmly in her camp.  Her husband was no help or support at all.  You then discover that he wants out of his married life, out of fatherhood to some degree, but he doesn’t want to lose his money.  Nick and Maya share another lawyer friend, Gray who they’ve known for a year.  When Nick turns to his friend for advice, he’s advised to be A Better Man.  Basically, to be the perfect husband, to persuade Maya to return to work, and then in six months time, he’d be in a position to divorce her whilst considerably reducing her financial settlement.  What a scumbag, well that’s what I thought anyway.

The plot certainly got me turning the pages through this book.  I was glad that when Nick started to put his plan into action that Maya started to become her own woman again and regain her identity, whilst realising that mothers don’t have to be perfect.

There are lots of twists and turns through this book, with the ‘friend’ Gray, playing an ever more dominant part of the storyline.  As Nick plays at being the perfect partner, he realises that he does love Maya and he does want to be a father to his children.  But is it all too late, have his lies and deceit thrown her into the arms of another man?

I thoroughly enjoyed A Better Man, the twists in the plot and the fact that my allegiances shifted as I turned the pages.  Published through Corvus Books, A Better Man is available for £7.99 through all good book shops and I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below in case I’ve tempted you to read more (it’s on offer for £4.00!).

2 thoughts on “A Better Man – BritMums Book Club

  1. I have just done my review so was keen to see what other readers thought about this book.
    I don’t think it met the wish for a lighter read – I found it quite disturbing in points.
    For me, Nick underwent the biggest transformation with Maya just redisovering herself which I think many mums struggle to do after the wonderful shock that is becoming a parent

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