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A Bracelet review for cutey – AD sent for review

disclosure:  we were sent these items for the purpose of review

I don’t know about you, but I love jewellery.  I love and are lucky enough to own some very beautiful pieces of silver and gold jewellery, but I’m equally proud of my everyday jewellery.  My particular obsession is bracelets.  I have rather a lot of bracelets, I keep meaning to write a post about this particular obsession.  Anyway, when the opportunity arose to do a bracelet review for cutey, I obviously jumped at the chance to expand my collection further; and actually, the bracelets within their ranges are different from my existing baubles.

cutey was founded in 2011 to provide a quality range of customisable jewellery. Our initial range is designed as an everyday accessory that can be used at any time.  Our pieces feel weighty and expensive – you’ll certainly know you’ve got cutey on your wrist – yet they’re priced to keep the joy in your investment. We’re so confident that you’ll fall in love with your purchase that we send each piece off knowing we won’t meet again.


I waiting patiently, what would they send me? Today my package arrived and I was very excited to see what was inside!

Cutey bracelets, Jewellery, review, A Bracelet review for cutey

One very happy Mummy – which one to try on first??

I decided to look at the Charm Bracelet first …..

At cutey we aim to delivery the highest quality of charm bracelets possible, our products contain a heavy quality feel giving you piece of mind that they won’t simply break. Our charm bracelets each contain a selection of colourful beads and a range of charms. It’s also possible to remove and add charms as you see fit, giving you the ability to change the charm bracelets as you see fit.

cutey currently sells 11 different charm bracelet combinations, I received the Typhon.

Cuitey bracelet, review, jewellery
Cutey Typhon Charm Bracelet

I love this type of bracelet for the versatility of the charms – add, move around, take away.  There is a hinged clasp that looks very much like a charm itself. Just my kind of bracelet.  I’m really pleased with this bracelet as blue is my absolute favourite colour, but the yellow and pink beads mixed with the silver charms make it a bit different from anything else within my collection.

I have tiny wrists so the 18cm chain length is ideal for me, but there is also a 20cm chain length option. For £12.99 I personally think this bracelet is a bargain.

On to my second bracelet, again a totally different style of bracelet for me – the Shamballa bracelet.

Inspired by the mythical kingdom known as Sambhala in Buddhism, regarded as a place of peace and happiness our shamballa bracelets are designed to bring a little happiness to your life. Made from the highest quality materials and available in a range of sparkling colours, these fully adjustable bracelets will fit any wrist like a match made in heaven. All with a total of nine beautiful jewel encrusted clay beads.

cutey currently sell 9 different bead combinations, I received the Gold on White Shamballa

I have to be totally honest, when I looked at this bracelet I wondered how on earth I’d get it on my wrist.  As I’ve said I do have tiny wrists, but the band is smaller than my fist – uum, am I being stupid??  A quick text to my niece – uum Dumb Auntie question time – how do I/can I adjust this type of bracelet??  I knew she’d know as she has some in the same style herself.  Pull the ends of the braided bit firmly, came the response (along with a chuckle I’m sure).  Sure enough, I pulled firmly and the bracelet expanded, I put it over my wrist and pulled on each end in turn to tighten.

I love this bracelet, as I’ve already mentioned it is totally different to anything I already own, in style, and actually in colour too.  The black cord works really well with the gold and white crystals to give you a sparkly bauble on your wrist.  You could wear this in the evening with a formal outfit as well as with your jeans and t-shirt during the day.  It’s great for Mrs Skinny wrists (or a child’s wrist – yes mine are that small)  that I can tighten it right up, but also if you have more normal size adult wrists it will fit you too.

Priced at £18.99 I think this offers good value for money too.  Both bracelets seem really well made and the finish is excellent.

Cutey bracelets, A Bracelet review for cutey

What do you think?  What colour combination would you like? Pop over to cutey for some inspiration.


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