A Cornish Betrothal

A Cornish Betrothal – AD sent for review

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With everything going on in the world right now it’s the perfect time to disappear inside the covers of a good book and take yourself off to a different world.  It’s no secret that I enjoy the books that Nicola Pryce writes so I was thrilled when her latest historical novel, A Cornish Betrothal, popped through my letterbox recently.

A Cornish Betrothal

A Cornish Betrothal is set in Cornwall in 1798 and we meet up again with Amelia Carew who has been coming to terms with the loss of her fiance, Edmund Melville who has been missing, presumed dead for eighteen months.  She’s met a local physician called Luke Bohenna and has been learning to love again.  Luke is on the verge of proposing to Amelia, but she receives a letter that will turn her whole world upside down.

The letter is from Edmund, written some months before, but advising her that he’s alive on trying to return to her. What can she do?  She loves two men.

When Edmund arrives home, it’s clear that his ordeal overseas has left him much changed, there are physical and emotional scars and he isn’t the same man who left her side years before.  Everyone tries to tell her that no one expects her to keep to their engagement made do long ago, but Amelia is determined to do the right thing, and stand by Edmund, no matter what, even if her love for him has faded over time.

As the story of A Cornish Betrothal unfolds it’s clear that all is not what it seems and that Amelia may well be being deceived.  Edmund may not be who she believes him to be, his story might actually be a story of fiction.

As with all of Pryce’s novels, you become enthralled with the storylines she weaves through the pages and invested in the various characters and their lives.  I was captivated from the start and enjoyed this latest edition to the period saga.

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