A floral surprise from The Flower Studio

A floral surprise from The Flower Studio – review and giveaway

I do love having fresh-cut flowers in the house and before my son was born, they were a regular feature in my living room.  These days I’m trying to get back to that routine, as flowers really do brighten up the dullest of days.  It’s nice to have them in the house without the need of a special occasion, don’t you think? But the men of this particular household needed a little reminder of that recently when I received a floral surprise from The Flower Studio.

A floral surprise from The Flower Studio

My husband had taken delivery of a large box from The Flower Studio whilst I was out. His first comment when I got home was to ask who was sending me flowers when my birthday was still a few weeks away. Does there have to be a particular reason to send someone flowers? It’s actually quite nice to receive flowers just because someone can send them to you. No reason required.

A floral surprise from The Flower Studio

The Amethyst Wild Flowers bouquet I received from The Flower Studio came hand tied, with flower food , in a specifically designed box to ensure that the bouquet looked as if had literally just been put together.  It looked perfect.

A floral surprise from The Flower Studio

The Marlow based floristry team prides itself on its range of unique bouquets and I liked this specific bouquet as it’s a little different from the norm. This particular bouquet, from the Garden Collection includes white spray roses with lilac Veronica and white Wax flowers pulled together with mixed grasses.

A floral surprise from The Flower Studio

Over the course of the last week I’ve watched as a floral surprise from The Flower Studio has bloomed into life.  The delicate roses have been a joy to watch as their petals have fully unfurled.  The whole bouquet is very delicate and understated.

The Flower Studio make up a whole range of bouquets, some of which can be delivered in vases or even chocolates.  If you’re looking for something to brighten up your home, then have a look at that Spring Flower collection, they really do look stunning. Bouquets come with free 3-4 day standard delivery, or you can pay extra for express and next day delivery.

A floral surprise from The Flower Studio

I don’t think you’d be disappointed with the service or the bouquets that The Flower Studio supply.  I have a reader discount code to share with you all too – 15% off orders over £20 – discount code bloom.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

I’m pleased to be able to offer one lucky reader the chance to win an Amethyst Wild Flowers bouquet worth £45.00 from The Flower Studio.  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck.

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Amethyst Wild Flowers bouquet worth £45.00 from The Flower Studio

295 thoughts on “A floral surprise from The Flower Studio – review and giveaway

  1. I would keep it for myself & my Mum & Brother will also share in it’s beauty when they come round

  2. i would give it to my next door neighbour as we help each other out and she is a lovely lady x

  3. I would gift the flowers to neighbour, who is recently home from hospital. As a Welcome Home gift, as she had been in hospital for some time, and had been eager to return home. Worth Celebrating her recovery, and return home.

  4. Amethyst is my birthstone and I love flowers. I think I’d keep this for myself. What a lovely treat x

  5. If I was lucky enough to win I would give it to my mum because she loves flowers and amethyst is her birthstone 🙂

  6. I’d give it to my sister who loves her garden, she hasn’t been well lately and I know she would love this x

  7. I would love to keep the flowers for myself, flowers really brighten up a room, and unless I buy them for myself, I don’t receive flowers.

  8. I would keep these gorgeous flowers for myself they would look lovely on the fire mantle

  9. I just love fresh flowers. Usually at this time of year I can cut daffodils and tulips from the garden but they’re really slow this year, so I’d keep this for myself!

  10. I love fresh flowers so yes I would have to keep for myself – would be a lovely treat and a nice cheery upper

  11. I live with my mum, looking after her – so I would give them to her – but we’d both get to enjoy them!

  12. They’d stay with me I’m afraid, but I absolutely love flowers and rarely get given them! I’d give them a very good home.

  13. I would treat myself if I wait for my hubby to buy me flowers I would be waiting forever haha

  14. I’m not sure! I’d want to keep this gorgeous bouquet to myself but I think I’d feel guilty and give them to my mum who helps me with childcare and looks after our dog when we go on holiday x

  15. I’d give them to my mum because she loves fresh flowers and it’s lovely to treat her for no particular reason.

  16. I would send these to my mother in law, she has her 80th birthday coming up and loves flowers.

  17. Having a really difficult time with my husband at the moment so would love to treat myself for a change.

  18. I will keep it for myself, I seldom have flowers in the house so this would be a lovely treat.

  19. I would give this to my MIL, who we don’t see much, we live in Notts, and she leaves in Pompey xx

  20. I would give these to my mum. She lives quite far from me so I don’t see her often. x

  21. its very rare I receive flowers so I would love to keep them for myself although it would be very likely I would gift to my mum

  22. I would keep them for myself – everyone needs a treat like this once in a while!

  23. I’d probably give them to a friend, unexpected flowers are the nicest surprise!
    Thanks for a beautiful giveaway x

  24. id share them with my 4 year old daughter! she loves flowers so i always have to share any with her!

  25. I’m sad to say i think i’d keep it to myself – they look so lovely and like you i love fresh flowers but i seem to need to have a baby to get them …. and that ship has sailed!!!

  26. I’d send it to my sister in Morecombe. She had that awful virus that was going round and was coughing for 9 weeks!!! Poor thing.

  27. I would give this bouquet for myself it’s absolutely gorgeous and seems ages since i had fresh flowers in my home

  28. i would keep them for myself for the home then the whole family can enjoy the flowers

  29. I would keep them, if I ever buy flowers it’s only ever daffodils from the supermarket so it would be lovely to have something a bit more luxurious brightening up my lounge.

  30. I would give it to my best friend Emma, she is having a super rough time lately and deserves something special

  31. Probably keep them for myself. I am heavily pregnant and could do with a wonderful treat x

  32. I think I’d keep it for myself! We love having fresh flowers around the place, it really brightens my mood

  33. I’d give the flowers to my mum, she helps look after my little boy whilst i’m at work, i’m lucky to have her

  34. I’d keep them for myself – no one buys me flowers and they seem too much of an extravagance to buy for myself

  35. I would keep them for myself because i love flowers and the other 2 special ladies in my life my mum and daughter both suffer with hayfever so cant have flowers in the house.

  36. I would keep the flowers for myself to perk me up. It has been a rather mentally challenging month so far and these would most certainly lift my spirits

  37. I’d keep the bouquet for myself as I love flowers. So do my children. If ever I get a bunch of flowers, they always have to be divided up so that my daughters can have some in their rooms as well

  38. They would go to my Mum, as you said, flowers sent ‘for no particular reason’ are sometimes the nicest. She’d love them.

  39. The bouquet is so beautiful that I couldn’t part with it and I’d keep it for me and my family to enjoy.

  40. I’d give them to my mum she’s been such a great help and support since restarting chemotherapy treatment

  41. I would love to keep it for myself but would end up giving it to my mum as it’s her birthday soon (I should have left my name on the blog post but I left the comment there, it’s early lol)

  42. I’d keep this to myself. Flowers make our new home so homely… Which it really needs right now until we can decorate!

  43. I think it would be me. Last year I received flowers for my birthday. Sadly I was away on holiday at the time unbeknown to the sender 🙁

  44. I think I would gift it to my mother in law,she is such an amazing lady and does so much to support me and the children so this would be a lovely treat for her!

  45. I’d send it to my sister for thank her for offering to babysit for my son lots during the Summer holidays

  46. If I was lucky enough to win these gorgeous flowers I would give them to my daughter who is struggling at the moment with the pressures of school and exams. I’d give them to her to show her how beautiful and perfect she is to me.

  47. I will enjoy it for myself, I love looking at fresh flowers and they really brighten up a room x

  48. I would keep this for myself – I love the colours! I often used to treat myself to fresh flowers when I was working full time, and I also feel very special when someone else buys me flowers, just because….

  49. I would give to my Mum, just because she is always doing little things to show she cares so I would love to do something for her too.

  50. I would give it to my mother in law. She had a wee health scare recently so this would be nice for her.

  51. I would keep it and have it on my kitchen window sill so everyone who came in the house could enjoy it

  52. I’d give these my mom because when ever she gets flowers I love seeing the smile on her face x

  53. I would give them to my mum in law, as she’s had a really hard time recently with her health!

  54. I would love to win this for myself. Selfish I know but I would love to take them to work with me and put them in my charity shop window and arrange a new window display using them as inspiration

  55. I’d keep them for myself…I love fresh flowers..but never buy them or have them bought for myself.

  56. if i won i’d lovely to gift them to my lovely aunty, although very tempted to keep them for myself

  57. I would give them to my mum as she does so much for me and loves flowers to brighten up her house

  58. I would love to give these to my beautiful best friend who’s been massively busy with her three babies

  59. I’d keep it for myself – have the builders in at the moment need pretty things to distract from the noise and dust

  60. I think I’d send them to my aunt – just to say hi and thinking of you even though you are far away.

  61. I would love to keep them for myself! It’s very rare that I ever get treated to beautiful flowers x x x

  62. I would give it to my friend, well it will have to be her daughter now, as my friend died on Wednesday leaving a 19 year old alone

  63. I’d love it for myself, I’m trying to up my game on Instagram and these would look beautiful in photos as well as cheering me up immensely!

  64. These are gorgeous! Would give them to my lovely mum as it’s her 75th birthday on 1st May x

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