A Mouse's Tale

A Mouse’s Tale – DVD review and giveaway

We’ve been watching a new film which will be released on DVD on 25th May called A Mouse’s Tale.

A Mouse's Tale

A grandfather is telling his young grandson a fairytale about a very brave mouse, and so A Mouse’s Tale begins.

A Mouse’s Tale features Sebastian (Drake Bell) and his friend Samantha (Dallas Lovato) two mice who are sent on a mission on behalf of all in the Kingdom of Mice.  Can they fulfill the prophesy of the cat whisker and save their community from the evil rodents?

The friends must travel to a far away land, the world of the giants to find a magic crystal to keep their friends safe from the evil rodents.

Monkey loved it when they faced a dinosaur skeleton and dragons, although he wasn’t too keen on the evil Master Dark Rodent and his warlords.  The mice learn lots about their own abilities, confidence and that they don’t need a wand (which gets broken) to cast magic!

A Mouse’s Tale is a charming film which children are bound to enjoy and of course, there has to be a happy ending.  It lasts for just under 90 minutes and is rated PG.

I have an Amazon affiliate link for you here and also I can offer one lucky reader the chance to own a copy of A Mouse’s Tale DVD too!

disclaimer:  we were sent this DVD in exchange for an honest review


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A Mouse’s Tale DVD

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