A surprise delivery from Kids Parcel

A surprise delivery from Kids Parcel

Monkey loves receiving things in the post.  Packages from Granny and Gramps in Spain are always opened with great excitement, even when he knows that his favourite dinosaur biscuits are inside.  We recently came across a gifting service that offer mystery gift packages tailored to the age and sex of the recipient.  It was time for a surprise delivery from Kids Parcel.

A surprise delivery from Kids Parcel

You let Kids Parcel know the age and sex of your child, and they’ll do the rest.  They also do unisex packages.  Within the mystery packages you are promised a variety of high quality toys and gifts, with a minimum of 5 products per box.  Not bad for £29.99.

A surprise delivery from Kids Parcel will be addressed to the recipient and includes a personalised card, which always goes down well.

Monkey turns 7 in a couple of months, so his box of goodies is aimed at boys aged 7-8 years of age.  I was surprised by the quality of the products, so often when you get this kind of delivery, the items are from the cheaper end of the scale.  But that’s not the case here, they really are quality items.

A surprise delivery from Kids Parcel

The value of the items certainly outweighs the price paid for the Kids Parcel. In our parcel we received a Star Wars Finn, Dr Who Time Squad Collectable, Diary of the Wimpy Kid DVD, Lego set, Minecraft figure and a pack of Playing Cards. It makes the £29.99 box price a bargain.  The boxes are handpicked and designed to encourage different types of play.  A DVD always goes down well too doesn’t it.

For most boys of Monkey’s age this parcel would be perfect. For us, really only the Minecraft and Lego worked making it an expensive gift package. BUT I’ve discussed the situation with Kids Parcel and when customers place an order there are fields to fill in with information on toys they like and dislike.  So as a customer I’d have been able to say that my son is construction mad, loves vehicles, dinosaurs and factual items, and doesn’t like science-fiction.  I’ve also spoken to friends and other bloggers with children a similar age and the contents of our package would have gone down brilliantly with them.

So with that in mind I can see these parcels being well received. Kids Parcel can certainly take the stress out of present buying and I can see them working well for extended family looking for present solutions for children. The parcels are tailored for children aged from 3-10 years of age.

For more information about the service Kids Parcel offers, please pop over to their website.

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