Absolutely Everything!

Absolutely Everything! – review and giveaway

We are big fans of the What on Earth? book range so I was excited to see what the newly published Absolutely Everything! book by Christopher Lloyd would be like.

Absolutely Everything!

Absolutely Everything! is a hardback 352 page book charting 13.8 billion years of history and is designed for children and adults to enjoy alike.  It’s definitely relevant for children in Key Stage Two on upwards. My son may not be the most prolific reader but he does love facts and a bit of history.

The chapters start with the beginning of the universe, take us through the times of the dinosaurs, through to the beginning of civilisations and beyond.

Absolutely Everything!

Absolutely Everything! is one of those books that you can dip in and out of and is a great resource for topic homework for school.  My son has been learning about the Crusades at school and as soon as this book arrived, we flicked through to the Medieval Misery chapter so my son could learn more about this period.  i found it quite interesting myself as it’s a period of history I don’t really remember covering in much depth when I was at school.

Absolutely Everything!

The book is written in a way that is easy for children to understand and it includes illustrations and photographs throughout to really bring the history of our world to life.

Absolutely Everything!

Absolutely Everything!

I can still remember learning about the Aztecs and Incas over forty years ago and about the great explorers of the 1400-1600’s.  This book is packed full of information and has brought that period of history to life for me again, whilst introducing some aspects of it to my son for the first time.  He’s learned about the Tudors, but has still to learn about the discoveries beyond our shores.  I think that this book will come in so handy over the next few years  for him.  It’s definitively a book I’d recommend and is available to purchase directly from What On Earth?, book stores as well as via Amazon, I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below (as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases) for your reference.

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172 thoughts on “Absolutely Everything! – review and giveaway

  1. The Victorians were incredibly creative and clever despite widespread poverty. Amazing and admirable. Definitely my favourite period in history.

  2. The Romans, the Roman baths and the Amphitheatre are so interesting, we have a great Roman museum in Wales.

  3. I’m interested in recent history so from the First World War as it puts into context the problems we face today

  4. I’m interested in recent history from the First World War onwards as it puts into context the problems we face today.

  5. Sadly history wasn’t a subject that interested me when young. Probably due to mention of wars, famine, etc.

    I would tend to say Victorian times. As there were positive changes, inventions in that time. Industry, finances, morals, social changes.

    We would now like to learn more in regards to British history, local history and then worldwide history.

    Great prize.

  6. I love the Victorian era, it was so diverse and so many key changes took place related to the modern era

  7. I would say the Egyptians, to see what and how they built the Pyramids and made all that gold, would be really interesting

  8. I think it’s the Tudors, it’s somehow the time I can picture most clearly when I read about it. I find it fascinating to read about and love fiction set in that era.
    Jane Willis

  9. I really like the English Civil War because I studied battlefield archaeology at Uni and one of my ancestors was a member of ‘The Long Parliament’ so I feel an instant connection to this period.

  10. The 50/60’s the fashion! The music! The hair! I love so much about then and I know it’s nothing like The Victorians etc but I soooo love that time

  11. The Swinging Sixties because it emphasised modernity and fun-loving hedonism and saw a flourishing in art, music and fashion.

  12. My favourite history topic when I was at school was the Ancient Egyptians – love learning about the mummies

  13. Ancient Egypt – I loved learning about the history of pyramids and visiting them when I was younger.

  14. Edwardian. Love the interiors and style and it seemed like a really hopeful, fun time, before the war turned everything around.

  15. I was always fascinated by the tudor period at school, it was so interesting seeing drawings of the way people dressed and lived back then.

  16. I’m interested in the regency- such a brief but interesting period between the lavish Georgians and the more somber Victorians…
    Although if I had a time machine, I’d be straight back to the 1930s!

  17. pre historic ie dinosaurs and cavemen and such – I dont know why just find myself drawn to anything to do with it

  18. I’m fascinating in the Inca’s because I really enjoyed learning about them in school and I had an awesome history teacher!

  19. It’s not SO long ago for me…the swinging 60’s – a time of great change in fashion, culture and music. It always sounded so much fun though I was never there… I’m know like most era’s it had it’s wars and problems though.

  20. I find the Roman times fascinating, some of what they came up with was well before it’s time

  21. The 1960s, the hair, the clothes, the music. I collect 1960s stuff and my home is reminiscent of that time. I was born in the wrong era!

  22. Tudor as I find it so interesting that Henry VIII founded a brand new church and religion just to divorce his wife

  23. I used to be fascinated by the Victorians time when I was younger after learning about it at school

  24. I loved the victorians, the way they dressed, the architecture and learning about there history.

  25. The Victorian Era, I live in an industrial town and love the history, social and architecture of the period

  26. The roman’s, find them so interesting to learn about especially as its influence so much that we still use today

  27. no specific period but i like any time before technology. I hate all the electronics we have, how it has made us so dependant (i know i’m on a computer so can’t say much…) We have so many electronics (such as the leafblower) that are completely useless and they drive me mad

  28. The victorian era as it wasn’t that long ago and it’s interesting to see how much things have changed

  29. I’m fascinated by the Victorian era because although it wasn’t that long ago, so much has changed

  30. I love the Victorian era because they invented so many things during that period. Plus I love Victorian houses.

  31. The Victorian as so much happened and so many traditions were invented some which we have today

  32. I find so many periods of history really interesting, it amazing to see how people have lived before and the advances they made towards where we are today.

  33. The one I find most interesting at the moment is the 1750s in Scotland and the changes the battles brought about.

  34. The Egyptians have always fascinated me since I did a project on them in primary school. They achieved so much and we’re still uncovering more of their mysteries

  35. Love the Medieval era as I used to be really into the Plantagenets especially Richard III and went to reenactments.

  36. My wife is a huge fan of the Tudors and feels that she was a Tudor in a previous life. I on the other hand, feel attached to the 1960s. Being born over 20 years after the decade finished, i still love the music, the fashion and feel that it would have been a great time to be alive.

  37. The children are learning about the Victorians in school at the moment and I’ve become quite interested!

  38. World War 2 – mostly because my grandparents have told me first hand accounts so its something that’s always stuck with me.

  39. The Tudor times. I love the architecture of the time. It was also the first historical time I learnt about at school, so think that makes it a favourite.

  40. The Tudor’s – I’ve always been fascinated by it since school! I don’t think I’d want to live in that period though!

  41. I have always been obsessed with the Ancient Egyptians. I remember going to the National History Museum as a girl and buying a sarcophagus shaped pencil tin. I love their beliefs in both the living life and the afterlife….plus im a sucker for gold!

  42. I love Roman times….. i am still amazed about the amazing buildings and statues they managed to build. We visited Rome this summer and it was my favourite city experience. The buildings are breathtaking!!

  43. My son is really enjoying learning about the Tudors at the moment, and I have to agree! I love Tudor architecture!

  44. my little legs atm is coming home telling me everything there is to know aboutthe anglo-saxons…hes that fascinated he is making a poster all about it for his classroom, something that is not expected of him but we are encouraging it non the less, its fun doing the research with him

  45. I think the time of the Roman Invasion of Britain. I live near Hadrian’s Wall and I would love to have experienced life at that time.

  46. I always find reading about the World Wars is interesting and you always find out new things everyday as it’s history bit still current

  47. my favourite period of history is the victorian era, I think because it is also my sons favourite time period, he is a lover of steam engines and trains and all things industrial so this time period seems magical to him with all its inventions

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