Aerodynamics of Biscuits

Aerodynamics of Biscuits

Monkey’s getting to an age where a book title can really grab his attention, when we received the latest picture book publications from Maverick Arts Publishing, one book in particular caught his eye.  Aerodynamics of Biscuits is written by Clare Helen Welsh and illustrated by Sophia Touliatou.

Aerodynamics of Biscuits

With a space loving son who loves biscuits, we clearly were on to a winner before we’d even turned the front cover! We meet a little boy called Oliver with a similar love of biscuits, who fancies a midnight feast, only to discover there are no biscuits left in the cookie jar!

Imagine his surprise when he discovered a gang of mice running off with his favourite snacks, back to their leader – Sneaky McSqueaky, the pirate mouse. But why were the mice stealing the biscuits?  They were trying to make a rocket ship.  Monkey was glued as we read every page.

Now it soon becomes clear that the mice know nothing about aerodynamics of Biscuits, so Oliver steps in to give their rocket a major redesign.

Aerodynamics of Biscuits

We follow Oliver and the mice as they head off to a moon full of cheese.  Does the adventure end there?  No, but I’m not going to ruin the ending.

Monkey loves this book, it’s funny, and full of imagination.  It gets his seal of approval for sure.  Priced at £6.99 I’ve included my Amazon affiliate link below for your reference.

disclaimer:  we were sent this book in exchange for an honest review

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