Air Hogs Sonic Rocket

Air Hogs Sonic Rocket – review

When you receive something and the box tells you that the item inside will launch up to 60 metres in the air, I just knew I’d have two very excited men in this household.  We’ve been waiting for the weather to behave itself here so we could try out the Air Hogs Sonic Rocket.

Air Hogs Sonic Rocket

The Air Hogs Sonic Rocket is aimed at those aged over 8 years of age, and my over 50 husband was as excited to put this rocket to the test as my 8 year old son was.  For £22.99 could this really deliver the excitement it promised?

You receive the Sonic Rocket itself, a three-piece stand, USB charging cable and instructions.

Air Hogs Sonic Rocket

The stand clips together easily and then it’s a case of charging the Air Hogs Sonic Rocket before use.  It takes about 20-25 minutes to charge the Sonic rocket ready to approximately 50 launches.

Air Hogs Sonic Rocket

When you first put the Sonic Rocket on charge it will flash red, once it’s fully charged the light will go out and you are ready for some fun.

This is only for outdoor use and you do need to think about where you will be testing this Sonic Rocket.  Ideally you need a flat area away from houses and trees.  A day with minimal wind is also ideal so that it doesn’t drift too far once launched.

We have a tiny back garden with lots of large trees so I already knew that it wasn’t a suitable location to test the Air Hogs Sonic Rocket.  We headed off to our local park and my son couldn’t wait to get started.

Air Hogs Sonic Rocket

There are three different power modes on the Sonic Rocket, you press the power button once for Backyard mode which will initiate a max 15 metre launch, press twice for Park mode for a 30 metre launch and three times for Orbit mode with a max 60 metre launch.

Air Hogs Sonic Rocket

There’s a red shaft on the bottom of the Sonic Rocket which slots into the base. Press the power button and stand back, the rotor blades start to turn to countdown to the launch and then watch and listen as the Air Hogs Sonic Rocket blasts off.

We’ve all been really rather impressed with the Air Hogs Sonic Rocket.  It’s made from crash resistant EPP foam and is very lightweight. It does tend to draft if the wind does catch it, as you can see in our video, even on what we thought was a calm day.  But we’ve had so much fun with it so far, and it’s withstood countless crash landings already.

I’ve included my Amazon affiliate link below for your reference, for £22.99 I think this is a great rocket personally.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review.

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