Air Hogs Supernova

Air Hogs Supernova (sent for review)

If you’re looking for something a little fun to entertain the family then we can highly recommend the Air Hogs Supernova which is aimed at those aged eight years and over.  In this household the fifty somethings have enjoyed getting to grips with it as much as our nearly nine-year old.

Air Hogs Supernova

The Air Hogs Supernova comes with the unit itself, USB charging cable, spare rotors and a rotor removal tool , as well as an instruction leaflet.

Air Hogs Supernova

The Air Hogs Supernova features four side sensors (in red) that responds to hand motions to make it move and perform tricks.  There’s also a LED Core indicator in the centre of the unit which changes colour as it’s charging, and when you’re performing tricks.

Air Hogs Supernova

The first off charging takes approximately one hour and can be done by connecting the unit with its charging cable to your laptop or USB plug.  The LED core indicator will turn green when charging is complete.  We’ve found subsequent charges have taken about thirty minutes and give 5-7 minutes of continuous play time.

Turn the unit on, and drop it, and watch it rise and then you can control it, to perform over 30 different moves and 9 tricks. It’s so much fun trying to get to grips with the Air Hogs Supernova, it’s very much work in progress here as we all hone our skills. To move the device you place your hands directly in front of the red movement sensors.  Wave your hands close to the side sensors to move the Air Hogs Supernova to move the device left and right, and wave your hand underneath the device to move it up and down.  Catch the device by grabbing both sides of it, without putting any fingers inside it.

You can play with the Air Hogs Supernova by yourself or pass between a few of you.  We’ll definitely be practicing our moves over the weeks ahead.  My son was totally fascinated by the fact he didn’t need to hold the device to make it do tricks.  He’s old enough to also understand that if he does touch it when the rotors are moving, he mustn’t put his fingers inside the cage.  This is the sort of device that takes time to master, and therefore it’s not a five-minute wonder.  The more you play with it, the better your control will be, and the more moves you’ll be able to make.  It’s also rather addictive.

To turn the Air Hogs Supernova off, you just turn it over so the charging element is shown and it automatically cuts off.  Then turn the switch off to turn off the device completely.

One thing to note is that the Air Hogs Supernova is for indoor use only.

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  1. He’s a lot better with his that we are with ours. Ours just goes wild, it doesn’t stay down at all just ends up flying up by the ceiling and we have to de-cobweb.

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