Alpen Seven Day Brighter Mornings

Alpen Seven Day Brighter Mornings

I’ve always been an advocate of breakfast, it’s never been an optional extra for me or my family.  To be frank, I don’t understand people that ‘skip’ it, and certainly not kids. Knowing how I feel, Alpen got in touch recently and asked if I’d like to take part in their Alpen Seven Day Brighter Mornings campaign.

Alpen Seven Day Brighter Mornings

With the rather hiss and miss weather we’ve been having recently I certainly needed some Alpen Seven Day Brighter Mornings!

Amanda Holden has recently launched this campaign with Alpen, encouraging us to eat this healthy muesli as part of our morning routine.

I’ve enjoyed eating Alpen over the last week for breakfast, some mornings having it just as it is with milk, and other days adding some raspberries or strawberries.

Now, I’ve already mentioned that I always have breakfast, but I have to admit that my Alpen Seven Day Brighter Mornings definitely left me feeling fuller, and I wasn’t starving by the time I was making lunch.  Daddy P has also taken part in the challenge with me, and working the hours he does, he really needs a boost to keep him going.

I like the mix of raisins, wheat flakes, roasted hazelnuts, almonds and rolled oats and I leave them to soak in milk for a few minutes, stir and then for me it’s just perfect.  I’ve also just noticed that Alpen have a Raspberry and Apple version, which I feel might just find its way into my shopping trolley sometime soon.

I’ve really enjoyed the Alpen Seven Day Brighter Mornings, I certainly feel good on it and full of energy. Now, if only Alpen could fix this weather!

disclaimer:  we were sent the items shown in exchange for an honest review


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